Added more character bios

JT and Lewis are official characters, however I am not using the standard SA bio form anymore.  We’ve noticed over there that the bio can be somewhat constricting, especially with the abilities and flaws, so I modified it – which means I deleted some shit. =D  Still editing and working on overall look of them.


Added another section for short moments in time.  Check out Simon’s POV upon meeting Ellis for the first time.

And we’re redesigning and redesigning….

Vex Digital is super awesome, and thanks to this super awesome…ness, she has completely overhauled the design of Chronicles to suit my very picky needs =D  I luvs herz.

Blood Memory

Written for NANOWRIMO 2010 – Blood Memory is currently an unfinished novel length story centering around the Alpha’s Pipers and the blood memory that both families – The Hammerthynns and Jamesons – possess.  Main characters are Simon Huntington (center of the blood memory) and Vivienne Sena (werewolf and integral character within the Pipers).  This is a story about their search for answers that lead them across the globe to the deepest, coldest parts of Siberia.

Exclusive to the Chronicles

I made that sound totally legit, huh?  But I will be adding a story that I don’t plan on putting on  Actually, most of what I’ll write from now on will be in a ‘non-SA’ format because honestly, it doesn’t make sense for me to post there with the current storylines I have running right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want to post there, but I actually don’t roleplay with anyone on the board and it is a role playing board.  So yeah.


Exclusive to Chronicles will be ‘Charlie’s Dreams’ although I gotta come up with something better than that.