Passed vs Past or a #grammar nazi’s lament.

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Past – relates to location

The word past locates something in time, and sometimes in space. It can be
used as an adjective, noun, or adverb.


Passed – a verb in the past tense

Passed is the past participle of the verb “to pass”. It can be an intransitive verb (one which doesn’t require an object) or a transitive verb (one which requires both a subject and one or more objects).


Passed vs Past – how I hate thee. I’m a card-carrying grammar nazi. I will roll my eyes if you don’t know the difference (or care) between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’. Really? One is possessive – you figure out which one. Boy, I’m grumpy about this subject, but I fell victim to a common mistake just the other day on facebook.



Yes, I’m embarrassed. A friend didn’t let me live it down, either.


(I curse him.)

Who vs Whom

Among vs Amongst

You’re vs Your

Their vs There…also They’re

It’s honestly not that hard, unless you’re in middle school, apparently, but I admit to flubbing every once in a while. Enhale and inhale – I hate that one, too. For months on no one stopped and corrected me on that one. I had a character who smoked like a chimney so you know I used that word a MILLION TIMES. I went back and fixed all the errors and had my web person add a spell checker (before the red squiggly line of foxfire for me). And another favorite – ‘I could care less’ vs ‘I could not care less’. Ugh, I do that one a lot. Irregardless vs regardless – same thing.




See, now I need a drink.

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THE TWELFTH PALADIN by Nora Weston @almostsanelady – Guest Author Excerpt @paranormalcravi

Nora Weston Pic

Author: Nora Weston





Forbidden desire incited, I fell into Rachel’s maddening world feeling her splendid, bare breasts upon me. No rest for the wicked. A bit delirious, “Damn you,” slipped through my lips knowing I stood upon the jagged edge between life and death. Fuming with monstrous hunger, I danced on that edge feeling good and evil collide in every cell of my body. “Wait…oh…my God, just wait,” I said running my fingers through her black as midnight hair.

“I’ll wait for nothing,” said Rachel skimming my neck with claws fit only for a beast. “You’re mine.” More bewitching kisses, irresistible and dreadful at the same time, demanded I fall into chaos.

Tightening my grip on sin, I said, “You’re unbelievable, magnificent.” The computer screen flickered with a deep blue light as hatred in my soul grew for Rachel, but my flesh…cursed and weak, was so anxious for her essence it made me sick. You’ll be the death of me, but I’d die a happy man. Uh, hold on a second. I don’t want to die. Ready to escape her vindictive entrapment, I dared to look upon Rachel’s eternal beauty saying, “I won’t…can’t let you in.”

“Too late.” Refusing to budge, Rachel slithered her smoking-hot body all over mine sparking a wildfire in my lust filled skin. “You beckoned me,” she said mesmerizing me with eyes so dark they had to be portals to Hell. Soft laughter, accompanied by a playful caress, extracted all fear while Rachel ingested the precious beams of moonlight. “You need me, Jake.” Left awestruck by the mystical presence, shadows froze at the mere sight of her.

“Wrong…you need me,” I proclaimed as every inch of my throbbing, hard body burned for her.

“Choose your words carefully, well…that is if you want to keep your tongue.” Sitting on top of me, she scraped my jaw with those deadly claws saying, “So shut up. I know what you crave. Yes…I…do.” Rachel slid down my tormented body making sure I’d regret rejecting her. Molten hot lips scorched my flesh, and then she chanted a devilish spell that devoured all guilt.

Sexual torment, synthesized to the nth degree of potency, ignited in my veins with a vengeance. No, stop—don’t ever stop. Sh—shit. This can’t be happening again.

No mercy existed as Rachel licked my face and then bit my bottom lip drawing fresh blood to quench her primitive thirst. Glaring into my eyes, she smiled wiping warm blood from her perfectly glazed, red lips. “Um, sin-filled wine.” Soulless eyes gleamed with unadulterated evil as her intoxicating scent and mouthwatering body seduced my soul.

Choppy, maniacal rambling echoed like thunder and then dulled to become a terrifying murmur the likes of which only the Tower of Babble could contain. The hushed turbulence in the room frolicked with Rachel’s enticing lawlessness, until at long last…my conscience revved up to kick my ass. I halted Rachel saying, “I don’t want you anymore. To Hell with you!” I awoke sweating and exhausted from the lunacy buzzing throughout my mind.

Heavy from the encounter, my eyes twitched. Free from Rachel’s spell, moonlight attacked optic nerves extinguishing the rampant fire inside me. Light? Yes, it’s virtuous…and when light is summoned, it’s an almighty force to be reckoned with. That was a priceless lesson for this seeker of mischief to learn.

In the unguarded stillness of the night, I sat up in bed shaking my head while marveling at Rachel’s ardent pursuit. That beautiful…but dangerous bitch is still messing with me. Will it ever end? Feeling fresh, blood-ridden wounds on my chest made my heart flutter. “I let her into my dreams and now look at me,” I whispered catching my breath. Well, thank God I survived this one. Close call…yeah, really close.Sorry to say, the netherworld had splattered my nighttime reality with enviable, but hazardous sexual antics that, if accepted, had the ability to conquer any sense of righteousness I still retained.

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50 Shades of #WTF, did I just read this #ebook? Reviews by ROz

Fifty Shades of Grey Book 1 by E.L. James


I’m not linking this book. I absolutely refuse to, but I will review it. Oh yeah, I’m going to review the shit out of it, and it’ll be keeping with the roughness with which this book tore my brain asunder…and not the good way.



Ever hear of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer?  That book I will link, because despite the atrocity that are the five movies that were based on the four book series, if you’ve read the actual books, you’ll know that the movies did not do it justice.  And that’s not coming from a pre-cougar (not 40 yet, thank you), but from someone who decided to read the books before trashing them, like I really wanted to do. Actually, my 11 year old at the time wanted to read them, so I read ahead of her and really enjoyed the series.  Eclipse by far is the best, but that’s another post.

If you’ve read Twilight, you’ve read ’50 Shades…’. Sadly, E.L. James pretty much stole the premise and plot when she published these…books (and I use that term loosely). Originally ’50 Shades…’ was a Twilight fan-fic.  Fan fiction written with Stephanie Meyer’s characters. Yeah, not an original idea in the entire series. Down to the clumsy falling in through the door.  Anastasia is Bella.  Grey is a tortured, tycoon, 20-something Edward. Except in this version, Grey meets and obsesses over Ana and draws her into his world of BDSM.

BDSM is a variety of erotic practices involving dominance and submission, role-playing, restraint, and other interpersonal dynamics. (courtesy of wikipedia)

I have zero problems with that lifestyle, let me put that out there first since I know a lot of women think it’s disgusting (so disgusting they read the book anyway), but I am down reading some well written BDSM and I love me some smut – hell, I’ve written it, so my problem doesn’t surround their flavor of sex. It’s the pov – young Anastasia, that ruins this entire book, aside from the fact that it’s Twilight in leather.

By pure coincidence Ana meets and interviews Mr. Grey. He is immediately enthralled by her demure, submissive personality. Ana is beautiful but doesn’t know it. Her best guy friend (Jacob, basically) is in love with her. The first book is basically a manual on how to enter into a agreeable BDSM relationship…do they call it that?  Partnership? You even get the contract, written with some ridiculously specific details. Eating, taking care of herself, how to address him – I’m too controlling for that…maybe I’d make a good Dom…huh. Food for thought.

Book 1 is Ana’s deflowering and Grey realizing he ‘needs’ her, not just ‘wants’ her, but after a particularly shocking (not literally) sexual moment, she decides he is truly 50 shades of fucked up – his words. Clever, isn’t it? Hear my sarcasm there? Anyway – Ana is heart broken she can’t be enough for what he needs – outside the sexual aspect of their coupling, and that’s book 1.  I started book 2, and then I put it down after 2 chapters and they get back together again. Does it get better? That’s what I hear, I did not finish the trilogy, nor will I ever be that bored or bereft of things to read to ever do so. I have some year old US magazines I’d rather read, to be very honest.

Why am I reviewing (tearing to shreds, mocking, hating on) this book? Because E.L. James gave me the courage to self-publish my own book.  I mean, if she can, why the hell can’t I? In any case – movie is in the works, James makes a million a week, and there are a lot of mommy book-clubs I’m going to be banned from.  The plus side? I went to a Rom-Convention last summer and met a few BDSM authors. I honestly wanted to know what they thought of her work.

None had read her books.

They were thankful that it opened up their lifestyle to people who may have been hesitant to dabble with a little pain and leather. Props to James for doing that – I’m open to anything. Except Brussels sprouts. And reading the rest of this series. To be very honest, Ana’s point of view is tiresome and childish, not like an innocent young women discovering her body with a man she could very well love. Her thoughts are ridiculous, and no, I’m not a fan of the ‘Inner Goddess’, despite IG giving most of the funnier dialogue.  ’50 Shades…’ rode on the coat tails of Stephanie Meyer’s infinitely better written vampire/werewolf series. ’50’ is written with pop culture references and tone that will not stand the test of time, and in 5 years, will probably still be popular, sadly enough.

E.L. James is not a storyteller and definitely not worth the popularity and interest Book 1, or the rest of the series, garners.

(drops mic)

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Read the book, then saw the movie: Jurassic Park

I’m all for dinosaurs eating humans, especially when they’ve been genetically recreated and brought back into a world that is just annoying and full of product placements.  I’d be pissed, too.



Jurassic Park was originally written by Michael Crichton, god rest that brilliant man’s soul, and published November 1990. I distinctly remember this, because it was my senior year in high school and my scifi nut father brought it back from one of his TDY’s (temporary duty – military jargon…just go with it) out to Fallon, Nevada with his squadron.  Dad walked in the door, pulled it out of his suitcase of stuff, and said, “You have got to read this.”


(Time passes)


Throws the book on dad’s desk.  “This is the best book I have ever read.  I’m reading all his stuff now.”  I did, too.


In 1993, Steven Spielberg adapted the book into a screenplay and released the movie, “Jurassic Park” and I took my parents to see it.  Couple hours later, I turned to my dad.


“That’s totally not what happened in the book.”


Dad shrugged, “Yeah but it was still a good movie.”


The movie was, in its own right, fan-fucking-tastic, but anyone who’s read the book did the same exact thing I did.


“What the…the old guy is nice?”


Crichton wrote John Hammond, InGen’s billionaire CEO and the park’s creator, as the book’s antagonist.  Spielberg decided to make the velociraptors the bad guys. Really, you try and get some lunch and kill almost everyone left in the park, and you get a bad rep? I’m jumping ahead of myself – let’s start with the plot.


Jurassic Park is about greed, the folly of man. What’s the difference between dinosaurs and humans?  Dinosaurs died out by meteors or rising temperatures – whatever you want to go with, but they didn’t do it to themselves. Humans? We’re killing ourselves, with help from fossil fuels from dinosaurs, in some cases. InGen CEO Mr. John Hammond figures out, through research and billions of dollars, how to make a dinosaur by the unlikeliest source. Mosquitoes trapped in crystallized liquid amber.  Why and how?


Mosquitoes, even prehistoric ones, ate off dinosaurs, sucking their blood, but sometimes they would get trapped in tree amber, blood from their lunch still intact.  InGen figured out a way to extract it and blahblahblah scientific explanation blahblahblah – dinosaurs are genetically grown in labs. So why not make a buck and release them into a park?


Mr. Hammond needs insurance.  I would imagine a lot of insurance.  So he enlists the help of several scientist, and a mathematician, and brings his grand kids to the island and all hell breaks loose when someone else wants to make a buck and releases the dinosaurs.


The difference between the movie and the book? I’m going to spoil this for you, so if you don’t want to know what happens at the end of the book – because it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT – look at some porn or skip…oh hell, I don’t care.  If you haven’t heard yet, I’m disappointed in you.  Go read the book right now!


Mr. Hammond, sweet old Richard Attenborough’s character, gets eaten.


The adaptation was flawless, I won’t lie, so I wasn’t overly upset when I balked at all the changes. Books to movies ALWAYS loses something in the translation. You can’t fit everything into the movie, as much as I’d like for that to happen, but changing characters, or worse – combining them (I’ll get to that when I review ‘Silence of the Lambs’ – just seems foul to me.  But it worked for Spielberg’s version.



John Michael Crichton (October 23, 1942 – November 4, 2008)

Eye Candy by @RyanLSchneider – Book Review by ROz

Eye Candy

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I’m a sucker for scifi, but I’ve made that abundantly clear in my recent posts.


Ryan Schneider captures an idyllic future with smart crosswalks and robots that seemingly feel, as well as be involved in almost every part of our lives. It’s a future with promise, beautiful woman, clean cities, and robot psychologists. Eye Candy starts laying down the groundwork, establishing the Three Laws of Robotics created by Isaac Asimov.


  1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
  2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
  3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws.


In Ryan Schneider’s robotic world, we’re introduced to the evolving robot – the one that absolutely accepts that human life is to be protected, but fears harming its own existence while performing its duties. Eye Candy gives you a romanticized story of what happens if/when robots become less like toasters and more like a new species.


I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of Eye Candy – the dialogue flows naturally, and you’re given a peek into a blossoming romance between two compatible people who manages to beat high odds and find each others soul mate in the other. This is where Eye Candy starts to get a little complicated, especially with the introduction of a slew of characters. The ending, however, is an interesting twist that you may or may not see coming.  It is worth sticking through what could be a little dry and complicated plot, but I have to admit, the ending came quickly and with not as much explanation you would want for the twist.


I enjoyed the main character Danny – his wit and charm as a robotist and Candy, his soul mate and love interest, the robot psychologist. Schneider describes these two fictional jobs with clear and believable explanation. I especially enjoyed this fictional futuristic world and Schnieder does an amazing job detailing it with inspiring inventions that those of us trapped in 2013 are desperately waiting for. I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.


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