The Outer Rim – Part 6

The Pipers find themselves in the OR’s core with still no sign of the station’s inhabitants, prisoners, or Simon Huntington. Then Red gets lucky.



The Outer Rim: Part 5

The mystery deepens as the Pipers head to the core of the OR.



The Outer Rim – Part 4

My scifi short story over on wattpad has come out with another part! Check out part 4 of The Outer Rim – future Blood Memory Universe serial.



What do you mean I need a plot before I start writing?

Seriously, I never do this. Half the time I don’t know how anything is going to end if I’m not using material from the message board I used to roleplay on I start writing and hope for the best.

Recently I started a spin off, “Blood Memory” universe series just for fun. It initially started off as a short story submission that I completely forgot about until I got the rejection letter. It sat in my dropbox for about six months until I recently found it again as I wait for “Blood Memory: Origins – Brig and Viv” to come out this spring.


So stay tuned. No spoilers, except I’m super excited about it, despite the fact that I’m probably a 1/4 of the way in and just now figured out how I might end it. :)


Omega Pipers: The Outer Rim (scifi, future Piper serial spinoff)

For fun I submitted a short story to a contest and then promptly forgot about it until I got the rejection letter. So, I decided to expand on the story for the fun of it. You can find it at right now, that is until it is completed, but who knows when that’ll be. Currently 2 parts are up, so for a quickie read – please enjoy.