Blood Memory: Book 1 now available

So, today’s the day. Starting off a little anticlimactic. There was no call from Brian Williams or Matt Lauer about my book, but that’s ok. Blood Memory: Book 1 is now available for download now at the following links:
Amazon – kindle edition

If ya’ll can do me a favor, and if you haven’t already done it, please push the shit out of my Facebook author page  and Blood Memory Book 1 Facebook page

Again thank you for all the support. This book would not have been possible without teenage angst, Kat Snell, Brandy Varner Walker, Noel Varner, Jennifer Whetstone-Lotz, and the crew at Sanguine Affliction where the universe was created.

If you’re not even sure what I’m talking about – I wrote a paranormal / action-adventure / vampire-werewolf (yes, I know) fiction book. I’m proud of it, well more that I put it out there for the world to see my flaws and predilections than anything. My expectations are low, so really I’m high on the curve right now lol. Basically if 1 person I don’t know buys it, reads it, and likes it…goal achieved. If you read it, please post an HONEST review of what you thought of it at the site you got it from or either of my pages. Just enjoy it. I did writing it.

Thanks again, ya’ll!