Free Chapters – Introduction, 1-5

The Genetic Metamorphic Virus (GMV) is a gift, for some.  For those, history has only one name for them.




GMV has the capacity to hold memories that can pass from one werewolf to another, going back multiple generations.  These memories are generally thought to be physical and chemical in nature, buried below the level of conscious thought. They may invoke emotions in given situations, and in some cases déjà vu. Werewolves may find that learning skills their ancestors knew comes more naturally to them. There are also certain social and cultural mores that are ingrained into a werewolf from these inherited memories.


Some Blood Memories are cultural, subtle in its influence over the being that possessed it.  It nurtures the individual, helps it honor its family, and in most cases is harmless.


Then there are some blood memories that are born out of vicious nightmares of monsters, controlling with blind focus, and would have the blood of thousands on the bearer’s hands.


This story is about the latter.

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