Wilhelm Darius

Good vampires…great vampires, do not need an introduction. They don’t need the recognition. They don’t need the validation. They don’t need to be known.

They just are.

Wilhelm Darius died 1164 B.C. It was one Sokkwi Odjit that was responsible for his murder. A philistine slave of Wilhelm Darius, Sokkwi had been lucky enough to be a house slave. No field work for him. However, the fate of a Philistine slave was worse than death, and for a handsome young man like Sokkwi, death would have been a blessing.

Wilhelm Darius was fat, lecherous, and favored both men and women. He also employed several concubines, one in particular was called Banafrit, meaning beautiful soul, but she was everything but that. She was, in fact, a vampire.

Sokkwi was passed from Wilhelm, to his guests, and finally thrown into the courtyard after one night of unholy celebration. Weak, torn, and beaten, Sokkwi crawled into the mud near the dogs waste and begged to die. Banafrit had watched as Wilhelm abused the slaves in his household, and for no particular reason, other than she had grown tired of Wilhelm and his home, Banafrit offered Sokkwi the opportunity to do unto others as they had done unto him.

Turning Sokkwi served no purpose for Banafrit. She simply was bored. Sokkwi was pleasing to the eye, when not battered and bruised, and was quite learned as a male slave and prostitute for Wilhelm. So without kindness in her eyes and much malice in her heart, Banafrit offered Sokkwi that opportunity in the shape of a six inch blade.

And Sokkwi killed Wilhelm with great pleasure. He was 14.

Together they left as the Egyptian power grew weak in southern Levant and lived amongst the sea people, the Canaanites. Darius’ household fell, along with most of the upper class in that region, and Banafrit encouraged Sokkwi to change his identity by adopting the murdered man’s. With money ripe from the sea trade of the southern area, Wilhelm Darius was reborn as a wealthy land owner, but not as a vampire until 15 years later.

Banafrit owned him, from head to toe, balls to bones. He went from one fat and disgusting master to a beautiful and equally cruel mistress. Still, Sokkwi was at least alive and belonged only to Banafrit. He was thirty years old by the time Banafrit turned him.

She should have killed him when she had the chance.

In ancient times, vampires passed their knowledge from one generation to the next, and were not always cold blooded killers. Sokkwi, now Wilhelm, did not appreciate this point of view. Killing Banafrit was easier than he thought and not near as messy as he had hoped.

Time marched on, and with it, Wilhelm Darius. It did nothing to heal his twisted and abused mind. If anything, it only made him more gluttonous, making the original Darius pale in comparison to the abuse that his successor heaped upon the world.

Wilhelm enjoyed greed, lust, and killing. He especially loved making children, which he did, as often as his appetite allowed it. And in 386 A.D., Wilhelm Darius met death again, and her name was Elizabeth Duibne.

Now, in present day Nachton, after spending years in the shadow and having managed to “renegotiate” the terms of his kill decree with the Elder of his birth clan, Wilhelm wanted to reintroduce himself to his one great love.

But first he was going to have some fun.