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Dark Lover by J.R.Ward




Oh brother.  Literally.

I am not a fan of vampire books.  Let’s ignore the fact that I write a paranormal vampire/werewolf series, but what I have read of some of the vampire books out there, I DO NOT LIKE.  Let me explain why – there is a lot more to vampires than the sultry, smutty world of feeding, sex, and more sex.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me some smut, and some of my books have a little smut in them, but come on – what’s smut without at least the pretense of a plot?  A plot that goes beyond your typical ‘moist ‘tween the legs, staring at his bulging goodfellow’ crap?

Thank you, pickles, Dark Lover has a plot.  And a little smut.  Decently written smut, I’ll admit, too.

Elizabeth Randall is a nobody.  A gorgeous nobody with vixen black hair and deep blue eyes, but a nobody, just the same.  She also happens to the be half-vampire daughter of nobility, on the precipice of her ‘transition’.  Her father, Darius, is a ‘Brother’, led by their currently-not-interested-in-leading Blind King, Wrath.  Fearing for her life, since half-vampires might not live through transitions, Darius asks Wrath, the last pure-bred vampire and his Brotherhood leader, to help her with the transition.  Wrath says no.  Darius is all sad sauce…then gets blown up, leaving a final request in the form of a white envelope, making Wrath do it anyway.

Meet Butch.  Handsome.  Arrogant. Incredible anger management issues.  And a detective in the city police.  Tormented by horrors in his own past, he is the last of a dying breed of cop.  The kind that beat the shit out of the perp, knowing full well he’s guilty, but he at least remembers to read them their rights.

Beth meets Wrath and immediately both are drawn to each other, perplexing Wrath to no end.  Butch, a not-quite-friend of Beth’s is inadvertently thrust into the vampire world when he tries to arrest Wrath thinking he’s a killer – which he is, just not the killer Butch thinks he is – and for stalking Beth, who, truth be told, doesn’t mind the stalking.  There are a good half dozen reoccurring characters introduced into the story with the main plot being Beth and Wrath falling in love.

Side-note:  I’m not a huge fan of vampire stories, mostly because they lack substance and plot, but ‘Dark Lover’ kept me reading, not because of the smut (which, really I wouldn’t call it smut since it’s well written and flows with the romance) but because the other Brothers that are part of Wrath’s Brotherhood.

Wrath – Blind King

Rhage – (his story is in Book 2)

Zsadist – (book 3)

Phury – (Celibate and Zsadist’s twin brother)

Vishous – Sees the future death of those around him, just not when

Tohrment – 2nd and probably the nicest of all the sociopaths

Yeah I’m totally not making that up.  All the Brothers, from book 1 – on, all have the catchy names.  I ALMOST put the book down right after I skimmed the glossary (you don’t really need it) and Darius and Vishous are introduced.  Stick with it, though.  If you dig the romance angle and the gritty Brotherhood violence (I do, admittedly) it’s worth the read.  It’s a short read for the most part – I read book 1 and 2 in less than 48 hours.  God help me, I’m going to start book 3 tomorrow.

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