Guest post – Why your book isn’t selling.

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1. You Haven’t Set Goals

2. You Don’t Have a Plan

3. You Aren’t Thinking Long-Term

4. You’re Not Interacting with Your Readers

5. You’re Marketing to the Wrong Audience

6. Your Efforts are Automated & Lack Flavor

7. You’re Not Using Multiple Sales Channels

8. You Don’t Know Your Book’s Selling Points

9. You’re Not Present

10. You Look Desperate


No, number 10 isn’t aligned wrong. I think this is the most important of the 10 rules listed. Since joining Twitter and trying to be active, I’ve tried to follow other writers or people with similar interests, and I’ve noticed – there are some seriously desperate fuckers out there.  I mean…wow. I follow over 600 right now with 300 or so following me. I try to retweet self-publishing news or witty comments (because I know no one is really listening, hehe), but I’ve noticed some other authors (self-published or otherwise) only ever PLUG THEIR OWN SHIT.


More power to them, but wow.


Tweets with insincere sounding review blurbs, every single tweet a link to buy their book, or a combination of both.  Sadly, I have unfollowed a handful of authors who do this DAILY. I tweet maybe 1-5 times a day – usually random thoughts about whatever or writing, but there are people with upwards to 50,000 – you read that right…TENS OF THOUSANDS of posts of the same thing. I’d rather not sell a book than be that desperate. My posts are grumpy lately, lol. Food for thought.


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  1. Michele M. Reynolds
    May 23, 2013

    hi found you on WLC great to visit your blog. follow me back if you would like

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