Meet Kyle Evans (Book 2)

Kyle would not be anywhere near large crowds potentially filled with werewolves, vampires, or women showing this much leg if he could help it.  It had been a long recovery, almost three months, since discovering his emaciated self in that seedy hotel room.  Discarding a candy bar wrapper in a trash can worth more than his entire outfit; Kyle wiped his hands clean as he looked straight ahead toward the elevator bays in the mirrored lobby of the Piazza.


He had managed to gain 30 pounds back, a little fat – yes, but he wasn’t as gaunt as his barely 140 pound self.  At six foot one, the 170 pounds still looked extremely thin on him.  He had to force himself to eat, setting a timer to do so every four hours.  The extreme weight loss was the 100% appetite suppression from the combination of drugs he was taking to alleviate his Eternity addiction.  It was the only reason why he would risk coming out into the open.  The Illicit drug Eternity, made from the blood of vampires – a literal fountain of youth, as well as euphoria causing drug, came with extremely violent and debilitating side effects.


Eternity caused the user to experience in physical form what a cocaine user feels in that instantaneous high: heightened alertness, energy, and vampire strength, in addition to the mood enhancer and delusions of grandeur. But with all high rides comes the fall.  By the third high, the user is subjected to excruciating withdrawal and physically the drug begins to feed on the host.  Red blood cells are destroyed and used to sustain the drug’s effects on the body – essentially feeding on the user from the inside out.  Ultimately it makes the victim susceptible to illness, delirium, as well as complete submission physically and mentally to supernatural influences, before paralysis and an untimely death.


To counteract the effects, and to be a functioning member of society, Kyle Evans took Lithirium.  An experimental drug not readily available to the small percentage of the public that can afford Eternity, procuring it was even harder.  He was only able to attain it because of his protected status through Clan Tacharan, owners of Duibne Industries, where both drugs were manufactured.  Once upon a time Kyle Evans did Simon Huntington a favor, one that he continued paying for in unfavorable ways, but it made getting Lithirium as easy as walking in the front doors of Duibne Industries.  Now with his self-imposed retreat into the shadows, hiding from literally himself, Kyle had to think of more creative ways to get Lithirium.  If that meant walking into a New Year’s Eve event with hundreds of supernatural creatures trying to locate him for reasons unknown to him, then he’d do it.


If he was going to die, he’d do it on his own terms, thank you.


Kyle still had a few contacts in the city that wouldn’t immediately turn him over to the highest bidder, not without a little heavy handed monetary encouragement, but he knew this particular avenue was being blocked off to him.  He needed to find an unlimited supply to the both drugs, granted was like asking for a 1000 clingy virgins and the key to the pearly gates back door. Most pick-ups were in public areas with a dozen escape routes, and the largest, grandest hotel in the city did boast privacy as well as much needed anonymity, though the occupants of the one of the largest events of the year did make him nervous enough to want to puke in every expensive marbled trash can he passed.  They were to meet at the top floor ballroom, just before midnight.


Gosh, that wasn’t clichéd at all.


His contact was a female within Duibne’s North Medical tower where all the fun stuff happened.  Kyle’s alcohol addled brain had met her before he was persona non grata, but he managed to maintain his connection with her for reasons unknown to him.  She was using him, sadly not sexually, but that wasn’t something he was interested in, in any case.  He tried to stay away from women as much as possible.


I don’t know why, Kyle.


Halting as he reached out to touch the elevator call button, his mirrored image crossed his arms and looked at him admonishingly.  Kyle ignored the delusion.


We both like women.  They’re soft, supple…pliable in all the right places.


Closing his eyes, Kyle waited for the elevator doors to open.  Concentrating, he scratched at his throat, trying to ignore the voice in his head.  A loud thump made him jump, his eyes flying open.


Where ya been, Kyle?  I’ve missed you.


His mirrored image was leaning against the invisible barrier of the glass.  His Doppelganger pressed his face close so he could see the lobby.


This is the Piazza.  Why are we here?


The sound of party horns and laughing filtered into the hallway near the elevator bay and behind him a group of party-goers almost fell out of the car, nudging Kyle closer to the mirrored glass.


Ahhh, New Year’s already?  It has been a while, hasn’t it, Kyle?


Kyle refused to answer the voice in his head.  If he didn’t answer, then it wasn’t real.  That’s what he kept telling himself.  Taking a step back, he turned and entered the emptied elevator car, ignoring his reflection that was now surrounding him.  Reaching out, he hit the call button for the top floor and then shut his eyes tightly.


You’re looking healthier.  Props to you, man.  You’re going to need your strength.


The voice echoed in his head, sounding annoyingly ominous.  Foreshadowing – he was never a big fan.  Kyle let the feel of the silent elevator car ascend to the penthouse ballroom.    He ignored the LCD panels, sleek design, and undoubtedly premier artificial intelligence of the system.  All he cared about getting away from all the shiny surfaces reflecting his image and causing his hysteria to rocket to the moon.


Cracking his neck without opening his eyes, Kyle felt the elevator slow its climb and settle to a stop.  The doors opened and sound poured in; the tinkling of fine crystal, laughter, and soft band music playing.  Stepping out, he did not open his eyes until he had cleared the doors completely.  Slipping his hands into the trousers of his classic one-button tuxedo, he walked toward the stairs that spiraled up into the ballroom double doors.  Couples lingered, talking in the area before ascending the steps, invitations in hand.  Kyle watched, his eyes flickering left to right, moving from person to person until he saw a handsome couple exit one of the elevator bays.  Moving quickly, Kyle tracked his path and met the couple, but not before he tripped on his own feet and fell against the man, almost knocking him to the ground.


“Oh sh-, oh my god, I’m so sorry.  Are you alright?” Kyle steadied the gray-haired man and ignored his date’s glare.  “My fault, my fault.  I’m so sorry.”  The couple huffed and gawked at Kyle as he walked toward the staircase.


Smoothing out his jacket, Kyle nonchalantly made it up the steps and stepped up toward the two white gloved employees guarding the door.  He knew how this went – either you acted like you belonged or the dogs get a whiff of your fear and chase you out.  Without even acknowledging the two men, Kyle pulled out the invitation he had stolen from the gray-haired gentleman at the bottom of the stairs still fussing with his date, and didn’t even bother to look at it. Kyle rolled his shoulders and continued walking to the doors.




Kyle stopped, a bead of sweat forming on his forehead.  Turning stiffly, he looked at the hotel employee.


“May I?” The man walked passed Kyle and opened the door for him.


Clearing his throat, Kyle raised his eyebrow at the man, fairly certain that it was the proper response, before disappearing into the crowd of party-goers.


  1. Tawnya
    Apr 7, 2013

    I can’t put my finger on why but I’ve always been a fangirl for Kyle. Glad to see he will be popping up in book 2!!

  2. Roz Hartmann
    Apr 7, 2013

    I love writing Kyle. His warped point of view, especially with his broken psyche, is just awesome fun.

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