Miami P.I. (A Roy Findley Detective Story #1) by @ZaneOwenYates





Miami, Gold Coast Australia, is the back drop for this action packed, old style detective series, set in a modern fast paced world down under.


Roy Findley is a smart mouthed ex-cop turned Private Investigator, standing up for the little guy and taking a beating for his trouble.
He’s a cross between Magnum P.I. and Starsky and Hutch. With his Elvis hair, stylish Hawaiian shirts, fast cars and a touch of romance, he’s all class.
In this the first book in the Miami Series, Roy goes up against a local drug ring, a crooked land developer and half the cops in town.



It’s not Miami, Florida. Let’s just be clear about that. It’s not a bad thing, it just confused theĀ  poop out of me. However, despite the geographical difference, I really did enjoy this mystery.


Roy Findley is your typical private detective. An ex-cop, alcoholic (because you’re never an ex-alcoholic, you’re one forever), 50 year old nice guy with absolutely nothing to lose. Well, nothing that he couldn’t replace at Kmart in under 35 minutes. He is the savior of the elderly, charmer of the medically inclined, surrogate father to his dead partner’s cop-daughter, and reoccurring hospital resident.


It starts with a dame. Well, it starts with a punch to the face, but there is always a dame, and after tying up a troubling case for an elderly couple refusing to sell their goldmine oceanfront property worth tens of millions, said dame walks into his second office (a bar, little cliche), and asks Roy to find her possibly philandering husband. With a wad of cash, it doesn’t take him long to realize said cheating husband is in serious trouble. So with multiple attacks on his life, his elderly couple friends’ lives, and his adopted cop daughter’s life, he gets to the bottom of a seriously dangerous organization located in their small little city.


It’s a little slow in some parts, but holds true to the mystery end with intrigue, action, adventure, and a telling mystery with a not-too-hard to figure out twist at the ending. For Roy’s first foray into the detective book world, I enjoyed this one. Wasn’t too long winded, interesting characters, lots of charm and humor, with some serious bad luck on Roy’s part. Solid 4 out of 5 for storytelling and heart, with 5 being stellar and a little more meaty plot/mystery. Definitely recommend this one.

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