What is Sanguine Affliction?

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The Duban Chronicles is Live!

Thanks to Vex from Vex Digital, I now have an awesome sauce e-book blog! This site will contain stories originally created as posts from Sanguine Affliction. That site is still active, just kinda quiet, but I have always wanted to write a more fluid story of my own characters. So, enjoy.


This really is a rare opportunity.

Harold Gray nodded happily as he sat with his wrists tied to the chair.

“It’s one I like to take when the situation presents itself, you know.”

Harold twisted his hands out, opening them as he agreed with a shrug of his shoulders. “Of course”, he said. “Long story?”

“Eh, depends if I get nostalgic or not.”

Ellis Dubán sat on the desktop of Harold Gray’s oak desk. Harold was a lawyer. Harold was, in fact, the Assistant District Attorney of Nachton City and he was going to die. She would be responsible for his death in a few minutes, and she also happens to be a vampire. This was a fact she was about to reveal to Harold Gray.