#BloodMemory: Book 2 incoming…should probably come up with a title.

So in hopes of releasing something in June like I had planned all year, I’ve decided to publish the next installment of Blood Memory: TBA (that’s not really the title, I just haven’t figured out one yet lol). Here’s the dealio – this next book (approximately 40k words) starts off immediately after book 1. It was originally written to bridge the gap between what would have been book 2, but looks to be book 4, now – ‘Awake’.


Book 2 follows the characters from Book 1: Viv, Simon, Hammer, and the rest of the Pipers during the NYE event being held in the premier hotel Grand Piazza located downtown in ‘The City’ (nope, no name yet). Lots of explosions, deaths, intrigue, and a realization with some answers, but definitely more questions. Rough draft is DONE, just need to flesh her out a little. Publication will hopefully be by June 30th.


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