My #bookreview rating system – an explanation.

Out of 5 stars – 5 being super awesome…

5/5 – is damn near impossible. Examples – ‘Ender’s Game’, Jim Butcher’s ‘Changes’, Harry Harrison first 3 ‘Stainless Steel Rat’ series

4/5 – Legitimately thought out mystery/plot. Intriguing characters. Solid story with believable ending that kept me reading into the wee hours of the night.

3/5 – You wrote a story and the grammar was decent. It has a plot that is basic and complete. Gold star for you.

2/5 – You didn’t get this edited by a professional…did you? Your dialogue hurts me to read it. Your grammar could make angels weep with pain. Odds are, I didn’t finish your book.

1/5 – I didn’t finish it. That bad.


If I can’t finish your book, it’s almost always an automatic 2/5. Grammar and editing issues – 1/5. I’ll read just about anything, even contemporary romance, with an honest eye.  Even if your story is awful, I won’t trash your hard work – that’s just mean, but I will tell you what I found wrong with it in hopes that it helps with your future work or editing of said book.


I’m not paid for my reviews. What’s the point?



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