Free Chapters – Introduction, 1-5

Vivienne hit the floor of the cave as the mountain shook beneath her feet.  The jagged rocks of the cold, icy ground bit into her hands as she gritted with anger and righted herself only to be propelled forward by an inhuman speed that made her sense of balance scream out in terror.


“Run, Viv.  Run, run,” the man with her said as he grabbed her arm and pulled her toward the slowly fading light at the end of the tunnel.


Her head split at the thunderous sound around her, but she still managed to yell back, “Don’t call me ‘Viv’!”


Spilling out into the slippery slope of snow at the end of the tunnel, she grabbed onto the man next to her and looked at what was happening to the mountain.  The man next to her had warm hazel eyes with flecks of gold, blondish brown hair that framed his angular face and dusted into his eyes as he held her close, covering her from the falling debris.


“You run and don’t stop, don’t look back.  You run.”


Viv pulled away, trying to steady herself on her feet as she rushed out into the avalanching mountain slope as huge sheets of ice broke off near the summit of the Baikal Mountains.  Tearing off her jacket, Viv launched herself into the air and felt the swift pain of change hit her like a ton of bricks as she landed on all fours, sinking up to her chocolate brown chest in the snow.  Hopping through it, she raced off to the edge of the cascading snow before getting caught in the landslide of it when the howl of another wolf pierced the thunderous sound around her.


A red wolf, large and massive, was on the opposite side, two miles across, running parallel with her.


“Viv, NO!”  The man with the hazel eyes yelled out, as her instinct could not refuse what it was commanding her to do.  That was her mate, the big red, and she turned toward him as the rush of ice hit the three of them, covering her in pure, soft, painfully cold snow.

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