Free Chapters – Introduction, 1-5

Chapter 5


The cool air helped ease his hunger, staving it off for now as the wind blew in through the missing windshield.  Vivienne’s long hair floated around the car; catching his eye and making him turn and look at her.  She was gazing out, ignoring him and just watching with narrowed eyes.  Looking back out to the road, Simon cut the lights as they entered the deserted property and navigated in the darkness down to the underground garage hidden deep beneath the rubble.  He pulled the car down to the back end of the complex and stopped in front of an elevator.  Leaving the keys in the car (it would be trashed first thing tomorrow evening); he got out of the car and circled to open Vivienne’s door.  He opened it and waited for her to get out, but she just sat there, arms crossed.


“Are you coming?”


“I’d,” she started, looking hesitant.  “I’d rather not, actually.”


Reaching down, he gently took her arm and helped her out of the car.  “Consider this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  You’re the first werewolf to be down here.  Just no flash photography, please.”


Vivienne rose silently out of the car.  Simon closed the door and lifted his hand, pointing to the elevator.


“Going back up?”


He shook his head.


“Oh see, that’s creepy.”


Touching the small of her back, he guided her to the door as it opened for him.  She looked at him as they stood at the threshold of the elevator car.  Simon could see the apprehension in her eyes as well as her tense body language.  Seeing that she had no intention on entering the elevator first, Simon stepped in and turned to look at her.  Vivienne narrowed her eyes at him but slowly entered and faced the doors.


Leaning on the back wall, he looked at her as she began to swing her arms, back to front.  “You look beautiful, by the way.”


Vivienne turned slightly and looked at him with her curious brown gold eyes.  Her arms stopped swaying and she maintained the eye contact until the elevator stopped its descent.  He felt a smile tug at his lips as the doors opened.  Taking a step out of the elevator car, Vivienne put her hand out to stop him.


“I need you to know something,” she started.  Her expression had smoothed but was still guarded.


“Ok,” he replied slipping his hands into his trouser pants and towering over her.


“This thing,” she said pointing between them, “and you taking me here?  I just want you to know it’s never going to happen.  I hope you know that.”


Simon’s eyebrows furrowed at her declaration.  It was very clear that she wasn’t interested in him at the least, but the speech now was disappointing.  She was letting him know, in no uncertain terms, that he could not have her in any fashion.


“All right, but -”


“Never,” Vivienne said cutting him off.


The humored expression on Simon’s face smoothed out as Vivienne rejected him.  He wasn’t sure how to take it.  Narrowing his eyes, he shrugged dismissing her and the promise.


“This way,” Simon said as he exited the elevator and moved through the long, steel hallways until they reached the center section of the Domicile.  The core of the building was half a mile underground with a five hundred person capacity, but it had never been more than a tenth full.  Ellis had high aspirations of their numbers, but the Domicile was always opened to local Tacharans as well as visiting international members.  The entire system was state-of-the-art technology with up to date security measures rivaling most corporations and government standards.  All Tacharan DNA was entered into the database and their comings and goings monitored by blood, heat and body core signatures.  Everyone was given security clearances and the elevator was by voice command, refusing to even open if not cleared by the system’s security.  Vivienne was, in a word, trapped.  She was there on his authority, but unless she walked out with him, she’d never leave.


He failed to mention this as they reached another elevator and it opened the moment he stepped up to it.  This time he entered without speaking to Vivienne and didn’t bother explaining where they were going next until he spoke the command.


“Home,” he said in a monotone voice the moment Vivienne stepped into the elevator car.  They descended again, this time to the bottom level of the Domicile.  The entire level had been his and Ellis’ apartments, but since she had been banned off clan property, allowed only into the Abattoir next door with Simon, her apartment had been sealed off from his.  He didn’t spend much time there anymore, but it was a safe a place as anywhere to keep Vivienne out of trouble.


The elevator doors opened again and he walked down the long hallway to one of the only two doors.  It opened immediately for him so he did not have to pause in the slightest and stepped down into the main living area with Vivienne slowly trailing behind him.  To his left were the stairs up to his office with a large full bathroom located underneath it; straight back were his bedroom and lounging area, and to the right was the kitchen area.


“You’re welcomed to poke around in here.  I need to,” he paused and looked at her, a slow smile spread across his lips and he turned toward the door.  “I’ll be right back.”



Kenley Merriweather was human and lived in the Domicile but did not fear the dark.  Her blackberry chirped at her, letting her know that the Leader had come home.  Getting up from the chaise lounge in her office, the natural redhead stretched her arms above her head and yawned.  It had been so quiet in the Domicile lately that she had started taking naps in her office instead of staying awake just to see the security system or Mercs take care of tripped alarms from the sensors above.  The Leader was spending all of his time above ground with Miss Duban, so there was nothing to report to him, even if he were around.  Of course, he could be coming to the Domicile for another reason.


Kenley’s cheeks burned bright red at the thought.  It had been several months since the Leader took any frustrations out on her; nothing violent, of course, more of the frenzied sexual nature.  She tried not to be hopeful and gathered any messages she might have for him.  Suddenly her blackberry chirped at her again, this time a message from the Leader himself.


‘I need you.’


Kenley nearly dropped her phone.  Immediately she turned and headed toward her apartment, which was connected to her office.  She always dressed in a retro 50’s style; pencil cut skirts, tight sweaters or button ups that hugged her figure.  Her hair was a natural red and was pinned back in a single barrette while the length of it laid down the middle of her back and was coiffed in a perfect curl at the end.  Her china doll bangs dusted her forehead and her lips were ruby red against peaches and cream skin.  Kenley dropped her blackberry on the ground in front of the bed and pulled her tight, white angora sweater over her head as she walked into her bedroom, tossing it on the floor.  Shimming out of her just at the knee black skirt, she let it drop to the floor in a puddle.  Just as she was sitting down on the bed to undo her open toe black strapped heels, Kenley hooked her leg out and decided to keep them on along with her black lace demi-cup bra that just barely covered her nipples.  Picking up her phone, she laid back across the bed, stretching to the nightstand to throw the blackberry on it when the Leader entered silently.


He stood at the doorway with his jacket in his hand, his eyes burning a trail up her legs, her stomach, to her breasts that were already squirming to come out of her bra and had the unmistakable look of hunger on his face.  Quickly he untied his tie and dropped it to the ground, his eyes never leaving her.  Simon walked in front of Kenley and stared down at her as he unbuttoned his shirt.  Kenley felt her knees come together out of modesty but he quickly reached down and spread them apart, falling on top of her on the bed.




Viv spun in a circle, taking in all the particular details of the apartment as soon as Simon left.  He said she was welcomed to poke around and poke around she did.  Kicking her heels off, Viv put her hands on her hips and walked to the bathroom first.  Hey, she had to go.


Poking her head into the bathroom, she felt around for a switch when the lights flickered on automatically.  If this was the guest bathroom, she was anxious to see the small condo that must be his master bathroom.  It was the size of her home in Canberra, easily hitting seven hundred square feet.  The design was modern with white stone and black tile with a massive shower room to the right and a double vanity on the left.  Viv moved toward the shower room and looked at the double showerheads, rain heads, and body sprays.  She touched one of the square body sprays and it tilted.


“Ok that’s just ridiculous.”




Simon pushed into Kenley, grinding her down into the same bed he shared with Carol.  Kenley was soft, warm, and inviting.  She’d let him do whatever he wanted to her.  Take whatever he wanted.  His need to satiate his hunger overwhelmed the painful guilt and loss he felt when he thought of Carol.  Hell, he could still smell his blond ex-lover.


Kenley’s pleading bordered on painful screaming as he roughly turned her over, grabbed her hips, pulling them up and entering her again without pausing.  He ran his hand down her spine, thrusting hard, trying to ignore the rock in the pit of his stomach.  Kenley was nothing like Carol and that made it bearable.  Where Kenley was submissive, Carol dominated, never once neglecting to take as much as she gave to Simon.  He could not stop thinking of her.


Roughly Simon grabbed Kenley’s arms and pulled her to the floor, turning away from the bed and closed his eyes as she climbed into his lap to ride him.  Her red nails dug into his shoulders as he wrapped his arms around her waist.  Thrusting his hips up into her, she rocked back to meet him, her moaning and gasping becoming louder and more enthusiastic.  He pulled down on her hips, rocking until she came, moaning his name loudly.  He felt the desire in him dissipate, not even wanting to finish.


This was the first time he had Kenley in a place that meant something personal to Carol.  The first time had been on the desk in the adjoining office where, admittedly, he spent a lot of time with Carol, but Kenley had redesigned everything in there, unlike the bedroom.  The bed, the fixtures…the overall design was still Carol; still smelled of her.  Simon felt the grimace on his face as he tried in vain to finish, but he was just too distracted, even with someone as vivacious and incredibly submissive like Kenley naked in his lap.


Simon’s life with Ellis had started with a passion that possessed him, leaving him weak and wanting.  There wasn’t anything he wouldn’t have done for Ellis in the beginning, but as the years wore on, century after century, the love turned possessive.  The more he wanted her, the more he was obsessed with Ellis, and the more she pulled away from him.  She had told him, after it was too late, that she had never wanted his worship, but in his defense, she never said she didn’t, either.  Their love was ugly and black in the end, so trying to kill Ellis didn’t hurt as much as he thought.  Not when he had Carol.


Carol Hedley was the only other woman Simon had ever loved, truly and deeply loved.  She was also the first person he had ever bonded with; having the ability had been a surprise to him.  Simon could hear her thoughts, feel her pain and immerse himself in her love.  Carol loved him more than he had ever loved Ellis, if that was possible.  Twenty-five, human, and Ellis’ familiar and lover, falling in love with Carol hit him out of nowhere.  She made him the man he was meant to be, but when Ellis came back with promises of their rekindled love, despite him having tried to kill her, he could not ignore the love he had felt for over a thousand years.  Ellis was mesmerizing that way, especially when they faced death together at the hands of Vivienne’s Pipers.  Their declaration of love sealed their bond and escalated it to levels he did not think possible.  His bond with Ellis was one hundred times more marvelous than what he had with Carol.   Ellis offered him the one thing he had wanted all those years:  her love.  Carol just could not compete.


Simon and Carol’s love had been fleeting and burned brighter than anything he had ever felt, but it was short lived.  So, Carol left him without a fight, without an attempt to win him back, but more importantly, without even giving him the chance to decide.  She knew a frail human could not compete with almost fifteen hundred years of obsessive love.


Vivienne entered his mind just then.  The brown skinned female werewolf waiting in his apartment; quite literally the first woman to not respond to his advances.  Everything was starting to change and without provocation or understanding.  He loved Ellis, loved her with everything he had, but when Vivienne asked if there had been anyone else it started an avalanche of questions and missed opportunities that he had chosen to ignore.  Carol had left him, but it wasn’t as if she had a choice.  Now Vivienne’s promise that nothing would ever be given freely only infuriated him.  If you have over a thousand years to perfect a pick-up line, you’re completely dumbfounded when it doesn’t work.  Vivienne was a challenge he could not resist, but more importantly, it was because she had already given herself to someone else and Simon was not even a distraction.  Was that Ellis rubbing off on him again?  Was he playing with his food, thriving on the game, and reveling in the hunt?




Kenley was beginning to squirm against him, her face tight with pain.  His grip around her waist had tightened and he was close to breaking her ribs.  Quickly he released her; shocked that he was doing it without even thinking.   His mind had wandered, further beyond Kenley’s alluring scent and willing body.  He had been on autopilot during sex and that was a definite first.  The disgust welled up in his stomach.


“Get off,” he said, turning his face away from hers.


“I don’t understand.” she said, her eyes large and round with quick tears, more than likely from the sudden rejection than the pain, but he didn’t really care at that moment.


“Please.  Now,” Simon said tersely, lifting her off his lap as he stood up.  Kenley got to her feet and sat on the edge of the bed, modesty mingling with embarrassment as she covered her breasts with her arms.  Looking at her now, the desire had dried up in him, leaving him irritable, but the hunger was still there and still aching.  Simon reached down to her and grabbed Kenley’s shoulders and lifted her, pushing her back to the center of the bed as he fell on top of her roughly and without any pleasantries.  Pushing her head to the side, Kenley let out a startled scream as he sank his fangs into the soft skin of her neck.


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