Ellis Duban


Basic Information

Birth Name: Elizabeth Duibne
Aliases: Ellis Duban
Place of Birth: Scotland
Age: (real and apparent) Turned 386 AD, looks 30
Male/Female: Female
Current Occupation: Mercenary
Past Occupation: (If different from above) Ambassador to Rome from Sect Corco Duibne of Scotland


Hair Color: Black
Length and Style: Just below her shoulders, straight. Shagged bangs and long layers in the face.
Eye Color: Watery Green
Skin Color: Olive
Height: 5’9
Weight: 135
Nationality: Gaelic
Race: (I.E. Vampire, human etc.) Vampire
Body Type: Athletic and voluptuous
Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator(if a PC): Ancient from Evenhet Wilhem Darius

Personal Questions

  1. Describe your character’s personality – Charismatic, arrogant, sarcastic, little or no conscience, and prone to psychotic breaks. Yet charming, a gracious host, not so much a seductress but more a predator. Ambitious and successful due to her lack of remorse and ability to do what others do not out of human decency. Why rule, when you can conquer?
  2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.) Very poised and an immaculate dresser. Hint of makeup but dark red lips. Her outfits are tailored and she favors Prada, Chanel, Richard Taylor (suits are to die for), Armani and Caroline Herrar…the red number from this fall reminded her of daylight. Walks with a swagger and a lecherous smile.
  3. What does your character like?
    • Ellis enjoys being the center of attention. She is painfully vain and is high maintenance.
    • She also enjoys the company of both men and women, having dabbled in sexual relationships with both genders, she does favor men.
    • She has expensive taste in clothing and is always impeccably groomed. This probably stems from being born in the late 4th century. Life was cruel, dirty and harsh. Life is like a gift, it needs to be wrapped well. She prefers the highest quality in all things.
  4. Dislike?
    • Tardiness; time is always of the essence and she absolutely detests being late or being made late. The world revolves around her watch.
    • Betrayal; Simon’s betrayal cut her deep. Of everyone in her life she would have never guessed Simon to be the one person who would stab her in the back. Ellis is definitely not someone to be trusted, but if you give to word to her, you will stand by it, whether you like it or not. Anything less was punishable by extreme means.
    • Non smoking areas; Ellis is an avid smoker and not being able to light up puts her on edge, to say the least. She will avoid these areas or just ignore the rule.
  5. (For humans) Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned.
  6. What are your fears?
    • Losing control; Ellis had her hand in all the dealings within Duibne Industries and the clan. When she lost her position within both things it sent her into a tailspin of hysteria. She has managed to learn that a solitary life is an acceptable one but will always continue searching for control in her life, relationships and business dealings.
    • rape (mortal fear that causes blood lust rage); this stems again from her early human life. The 4th century cared little for woman rights and having to use her body as a weapon and means to excel in life has left her bitter toward any man trying to take advantage of a woman. Rape ignites the darkest and blackest part of her heart and she will blindly kill if confronted with it.
    • Being alone; having lost Simon she has been unable to fulfill her revenge due to the fact that Simon was the only man who loved her completely, despite what she had become. He knew her before the bitterness of age changed her. Being without him causes her great pain but she will never admit it. Simon, having been her only vampire child, enraged her to the point of creating another child out of bitter jealousy and hate. Someone she barely knew but at the time she could not stomach the thought of being alone.
  7. What is your character’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • Strengths
    • Proficient in swordplay – weapons of choice being the Celtic short sword, dual wielded
    • Archery
    • Small hand guns
    • Warfare
    • Combat Training
    • Survivalist Training
    • Weakness
    • A nasty thirst for blood lust (almost blinding it compels her to take dangerous risks)
    • Short tempered
    • Simon – losing him has crippled her in her ability to command with total disregard for others. Losing him made her feel incomplete.
    • Smoking


  • Running
  • Science/Research – directly relating to Duibne Industries
  • Fencing


  • Fluent in 6 languages: Gaelic, Greek, Russian, Spanish, Farsi, German
  • Well read in English literature
  • Mathematician


  • Bloodlust
  • Perception
  • Blending
  • Agility
  • Coat of Arms


  • Addiction
  • Obsessive Compulsive
  • Bad Temper

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention

  • Smokes and enjoys M&M’s.

Personal History

Ellis was born into nobility but found it boring. She is the last daughter of the Sect Corco Duibne of Scotland and knowing her fate would be that of securing property for her family, she developed her ambitious and remorseless sensibilities ensured that she not be like her ridiculously stupid sisters. Ellis’ education was first and foremost in her mind and developed a knack for diplomacy (majoring in backstabbing) and weapons training.

Her interest in swordsmanship was rebuked by her father, but Ellis secured her training by sleeping with her father’s Weapon’s Master, who taught her more than just how to wield a longsword.

Ellis did eventually marry well. She also secured an royal position for her husband as Ambassador to Rome. They sailed to Greece where they both met their destiny. An Evenhet Ancient by the name of Wilhem Darius. Her husband was bled dry and was buried in an unmarked grave. Ellis, being very pleasing to the eye, became her creator’s familiar and day to day snack. Her creator fed on her for months, much to Ellis’ pleasure since being a willing victim of a vampire bite brings a climatic euphoria beyond words. She did, however, see the potential of being immortal and using her diplomatic abilities, not to mention her body, she ultimately gained his favor and became Darius’ vampire concubine. Ellis remained at his side till his unfortunate, but sanctioned death in Nachton during his attempts to for the official Clan Tacharan.

Ellis made haste and secured a good portion of Darius’ fortune before the Clan squandered it. She watched the other older vampires fight for the leadership of the clan, such as it was. She decided to wait. She would let the idiots do her job and spare her the trouble of killing them one by one. So taking her leave of the Clan temporarily, Ellis enjoyed the riches and traveled. Her meanderings led her to a small English town with a handsome constable who had taken an interest in her. She decided to keep him. His name was Simon. He is her one and only weakness and the only vampire she has personally turned. He rivals her strength and ability but lacks her ambition and lack of remorse. They traveled together after their hurried escape from his village. She has since kept him subservient by bringing his bloodline within the fold of the Clan. Each generation, there is 1 Huntington chosen to assist Ellis and Simon in their financial and daylight businesses. Luckily smart business attitudes run in Simon’s family and the descendants have made the clan very rich.

Ellis has holdings and is the creator of Duibne Industries, run by her head familiar and descendant of Simon, Marthinus T. Steyn. Ellis and Simon have, up until this time, managed to keep his descendants from knowing Simon is their patriarch. The deception amuses Ellis, the power intoxicates her. Duibne Industries is a medical testing facility and drug distributor. The company also does illegal genetic testing, both human and vampire and is a major source of income for the Clan.

In addition to DI, there is the covert operations run by Ellis and her trainer Gaia. These are vampire hunters and they call themselves the Mercs. They provide vampire blood samples for the testing done at Duibne and is helping develop a drug that emulates vampire strengths. The beta testing is being marketed to very rich, very old clientele. The blood of untethered vampires, mostly newbies, are harvested quietly and successfully by Ellis’ Mercs.

Ellis Duban treads on dangerous ground with the other clans and pays the trouble no mind. Along with her disdain for human and vampire life, she has built up a ruthless army with no conscience. Their motto – do not get caught. The clan is all they have and the protection from other humans and vampires is not easily ignored. Being cast out from Clan Tacharan always means immediate death. Not many Tacharan make the same mistake twice.