Lewis Kearney



Basic Information

Birth Name (Name Guidelines): Matthew ‘Lewis’ Kearney
Aliases: Nerd, Lewis
Place of Birth: Northern Scotland – Isle of Lewis and Harris
Age: (real and apparent) (see the age breakdown for vampires here, see the real/apparent age calculator for werewolves here) Real – 30, Apparent – 26.5 (gifted at 14) Born 1981
Male/Female: male
Current Occupation: IT Piper
Past Occupation: (If different from above)  Hacker


Hair Color:  blond
Length and Style: military style flat top
Eye Color:  green
Skin Color: Caucasian
Height: 6’1
Weight: 240 lbs
Nationality: Afrikaans
Race: (I.E. Vampire, Werewolf, human etc.) Werewolf
Body Type: Athletic, muscular, lean frame
Wolf Form (Werewolf – please read first): light brown with green eyes

Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator/gifter(if a PC) ( Please be as specific as possible, who your creator/gifter was, why he chose to change you, where is he/she now?):

Gifted by father – fourth cousin to Jameson family


Personal Questions

  1. Describe your character’s personality –

  2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.)

3.What does your character like?


  1. Dislike?



  1. What are your fears? (please choose and explain 3 minimum)


  1. What is your character’s strengths and weaknesses? (please pick 3 minimum of each and explain in detail how and why this affects your character)



Werewolf –

Abilities – Listed here (Include Tier Points) –

Gestalt – 10pts
Deft Touch – 2pts
Nurturing – 5pts
Protector – 2pts


Hobbies & Skills (for more information, read here)

Ballroom dancing
minimal magic
hand to hand combat
Masters in Computational and Systems Biology

Cosmetic Traits(Distinct, character defining physical attributes. These should be minor and offer no real power other than to make your character appear more interesting.)

Color blind in his right eye due to ultraviolet over exposure when he was 20. During an experiment with an ultraviolet laser at the R&D in Johannesburg, Charlie was exposed to intense rays and became red-blue color blind in his right eye. His left has since learned to cope with the deficiency.

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention –

Personal History 3rd person (1st is acceptable) but please be as detailed as possible, this can/will affect your rp with other players.

“So…you’re not actually a blood relative of the Jamesons.”