Marthinus T. Steyn

Basic Information

Birth Name: Marthinus T. Steyn
Aliases: none
Place of Birth: South Africa, Johannesburg
Age:(real and apparent) 56 – apparent 47 (gifted in 2006)
Male/Female: Male
Current Occupation: CEO of Duibne Industries
Past Occupation: (If different from above) none


Hair Color: brown but balding
Length and Style: cut very short around the crown
Eye Color: hazel
Skin Color: tanned/Caucasian
Height: 5’9
Weight: 150lbs
Nationality: South African/British decent
Race: Werewolf
Body Type: Small framed
Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator(if a PC): Iov Hammerthynn

Personal Questions


  1. Describe your character’s personality
    Marthinus is stoic, well dressed and dignified. He is a man of honor and possesses incredible foresight for business. He does not like to be called Marty and is fiercely loyal to his Mistress. He is polite but has an sharp tongue. He is everyone’s mentor and father figure. He is a workaholic and a patient man.
  2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.)
    He is impeccably dressed, always in designer suits. He keeps his hair cut short, whatever is left and embraces his baldness. Marthinus stands and sits with great posture and either has his hands in his pants pockets or folded in front of him.
  3. What does your character like?
    Marthinus enjoys fine wine and cuisine. He has expensive taste but does not flaunt it, other than his business suits. He enjoys the company of woman but is very work oriented and he loves his company and job.
  4. Dislike? Well done meat, pino’s and cats.
  5. What are your fears?
    • Ellis Duban and failure.
    • Being a werewolf. Marthinus had no intention of following his patriarch’s path as a vampire, but becoming a werewolf was the furthest from his mind. He must now suffer the change and hunt with his pack – a feat that sickens him to the core, but cannot resist when in werewolf form.
    • Not being able to control the beast within him terrifies him. His insatiable lust for blood disgusts but excites him. When in werewolf form, he feels as if he loses a bit of his human side with each change. He is afraid one day he might kill someone he loves.
    • Ellis and Iov. Both major authorities in his life, now with Ellis seemingly reborn and lose, he must now weigh his past loyalties to Ellis against his Kadzait’s creators inert rage to kill her.
  6. What is your character’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • Strong business mind and strategist
    • Hand to Hand combat
    • Scientist
    • Trained business lawyer
    • Marksman


    • Computers
    • Enjoys reading
    • Boxing
    • Tame Appearance – 10pts
    • Caretaker’s Twinkle – 10pts
    • Night Terror – 10pts
    • Technology Junkie – 5pts
    • Vivid Nightmares – 5pts
  7. Hobbies & Skills





    Cosmetic Traits

    Quirks and Habits worthy of mention
    Speaks with a south African accent

    Personal History

    Marthinus is the direct descendant of Simon Huntington. He has sired 2 off-springs to follow in the family’s familiar lineage. Never married but many companions, Marthinus is a quiet man. His entire life has been dedicated to readying himself to be Ellis’ head familiar. He accepted his destiny very early in life and has never questioned it.

    Born in South Africa, he was educated abroad in the UK and US schools. He discovered his family were indentured servants to Vampires in elementary school. His father served as Ellis’ business related familiar before him. Marthinus is, however, responsible for Duibne’s leap into the Medical field and is CEO of Duibne Industries, a drug testing facility that secretly works on synthesizing blood and producing the vampire drug Eternity.

    Marthinus is currently worth 400 million dollars. He drives a BMW, wears Prada and Versace and wears no jewelry. His life is Duibne Industries and serving Ellis Duban.


    ****Werewolf history***


    Marthinus’ path was drastically changed immediately following Ellis’ Beast being stolen and the subsequent Hillman Compound’s destruction. He suffered two almost fatal heart attacks but cheated death with the illegal drug Eternity, given to him by his son Jacob against Ellis’ wishes. Once Ellis was declared dead, Marthinus decided to leave Duibine Industries and Nachton to search out the rest of the Huntington Family survivors and investors for the crippled family company.

    During one of his business meetings with Stafford Enterprises in Johannesburg, Marthinus became involved in an attack on Stafford’s home office and was mortally wounded. Iov Hammerthynn, XO of Stafford Enterprises and the Beta of the werewolf pack Kadzait, infected Marthinus with the werewolf virus to keep him alive. Hammerthynn and Marthinus returned to Nachton where he again suffered another heart attack and chose to become one of Hammerthynn’s kin.

    Now living with the Kadzait pack, Marthinus struggled to find out who and what he is. His family ties are strong with Simon Huntington, now the Leader of Tacharan but he is bound to the Kadzait and Hammerthynn who saved his life. Marthinus will have to walk a dangerous path down a thin line between vampire and werewolf worlds.