Finally…I’m a cool kid!

“So you published your book?”

“Yeah…sort of.  It’s self-published.”


I have this conversation a lot with people.  Maybe it’s my mindset, but when someone says, “Oh this is my friend Roz, she’s a published writer…”, I feel the need to correct them and add, “Well…self published.”  Is self publishing a bad thing?  Being all indie and shit?  No, granted I haven’t found my niche in the industry or a decent fan base, but I’m competing with half a million other books – legitimately published or self – so calling myself a ‘author’ doesn’t feel legit yet.


Self Publishers:  The New Generation of Cool Kids


 Self-publishing is the chance to make your own future,” says Carmack. The endless possibility inherent in this entrepreneurial enterprise makes self-publishing a robust choice. It is, after all, far more exciting—and impressive—to create your own success than to put your career in the hands of a corporation and hope for the best.


I applaud authors who have managed to find a fan base.  You can only share your facebook page or twitter so much until you get someone who posts ‘Get lost, spammer’.  I got that the other day – but at least they took the time to actually say it.  That’s me, silver lining kind of girl.


  1. Ryan mulligan
    Mar 23, 2013

    Congrats Roz, I wish I’d realized what sa was when you first started it. Now I feel I missed the boat.


  2. Roz Hartmann
    Mar 24, 2013

    SA is still opened, Ryan. You can jump in over there whenever you want. I still check it daily as an admin/staff and I’d be happy to RP with you if you want. =)

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