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Coolio, getting featured over at For the Love of Military Romance blogspot on April 19th. They’ll be raffling off a signed copy of my book Blood Memory: Book 1 if you comment on my feature. My Pipers will be featured; the elite military team that the Alpha of the Greater Pack uses for security and protection.  I grew up military and married into it as well, so I’ve been surrounded by it all my life.  Military ID since I was 10, yo!  If you’ve never lived it, you have not lived.  My Pipers mirror the loyalty and professionalism, as well as the camaraderie and craziness you find in military members.  They are an incredible breed of men and women who serve and protect our country.  Plus they’re fun to write about.


While you’re over there, give the other authors listed a look-see to check out their military influenced titles!  Thanks, ya’ll!


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