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Review: Blood Memory

Posted on November 2, 2013 by KittyKelly

Blood Memory

Blood Memory by Rosalind Hartmann

3.75 out of 5 Licks

Two rival species come together to search for answers to the Blood Memory that has been passed down to all Hammerthynn and Jameson werewolves, the Alpha’s Pipers. Vampires Simon Huntington and his partner Ellis Duban are the subject of this memory of intense betrayal and deception, yet no one has any recollection of what they did – not the werewolves or the vampires.

Vivienne Sena is part of the Alpha’s core of Pipers led by her mate, and secret lover, Commander Brig Jameson. Taking up an offer from Simon to delve deeper into the blood memory, they travel to Ireland to speak to her adoptive father, Elder of the Hammerthynns, Vigo Hammerthynn, who is also the father of the pack’s Beta, Iov Hammerthynn, cousin to Brig.

With only a name, Vivienne and Simon leave for Siberia as the Piper compound in Ireland is besieged by unknown assailants and wiped out. Proof of an inner conspiracy is revealed and the race to capture Vivienne, now being blamed for the attack, begins with her lover leading the pack.

This book is like an episode of 24 … you know where Jack Bower is seem with a building blowing up behind him or a bullet about to hit him and then like magic the bullet slows down and gets sucked backwards in rewind mood were it flashes back to 24 hours earlier. Well that is how Blood Memory starts off except instead of an FBI agent or whatever the hell Keifer Sutherland played in that show you have 2 wolves, a vampire and an avalanche only you don’t know who the avalanche started or why they are on the run and BAM 3 days earlier.

I tell you getting to that avalanche scene seemed to take forever … so forever I wanted to throw my precious Nook across the room or at someone’s head.


That’s how frustrated I was getting with this story. Not only where the 3 days going by at a snail’s pace but there were moments were I wasn’t sure if I was reading a flashback or if it was in real time. It confused me there for a bit and I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to finish reading the book … which is epic because giving up in the middle of a book is just not my thing.


Luckily around chapter 10 or maybe 11 (I think) the plot really shines becoming more fast paced and very interesting material starts to unravel drawing me more into the story.

The main characters are very fascinating and have a lot of different attributes that make them likable and unique. The interaction between Simon and Viv was on point when it came to their amusing tease-worthy banter and sexual attraction even though the odds were working against them from the very beginning therefore they make a very well – matched team. Simon, Viv and Brig all possess a depth of appeal that the more I read about them and what was being revealed the more I found myself wanting certain outcomes to transpire.

Final Thought …

This was the first book I’ve read by this author and even though I was having some issues in the beginning I’m glad I finished reading Blood Memory because Ms. Hartmann brings a new-fangled (pun intended) approach to the vast paranormal world of vampires and werewolves that I found to be innovative and extraordinarily refreshing. So now I’m off to start the sequel to Blood Memory … Beneath the Surface.

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I’m glad the reviewer stayed with it and finished the book. I know that’s hard for me to do when I do my own reviews. I appreciate her honesty and helpful feedback, plus her review was written hilariously. Much love and thank you! =)


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