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Review: Blood Memory Beneath The Surface

Posted on November 3, 2013 by KittyKelly

BM Beneath The Surface

Blood Memory Beneath The Surface by Rosalind Hartmann

5 out of 5 Licks

The night began with such promise.

Following Vivienne Sena and Simon Huntington’s return from the deep cold tundra of Siberia, the Greater Pack and vampire clans celebrate the coming of the New Year.

Things have changed for Simon and Vivienne, now platonic friends, despite Simon’s wishful thinking. Together they embark on another adventure involving one Kyle Evans, human.

The Hammerthynn and Jameson packs are rocked to the core with death and destruction as an unseen adversary lays siege on the families.

Revelations, explosions, a new year, and more questions than answers – Book 2: Beneath the Surface starts with both feet running and ends with a truly, unbelievable and disastrous celebration.

As many of you may know from my review of book one of this series that I wasn’t a happy camper at the beginning but my feelings changed and I ended up enjoying the rest of the book. As I previously stated book one was like an episode of 24 well, my friends book two is way, way, way better than any episode of 24 and more like an installment of Underworld (best reference to what I think is one of the best paranormal action movies around that could have expressed the awesomeness of this book was) therefore being colossally more epic and I loved every minute of  it from page one to the very end. No more confusion between flashbacks and real time. No more frustration or suicidal tendencies for my precious Nook. Hallelujah!!!

Anywho, so much happens in these chapters with this amazing set of characters that I was so engrossed in the book that I couldn’t put it down. The story this time around was fast-paced, well written, driven by realistic emotions and packed full with unexpected twists and turns as the pages keep whirling by. I found myself laughing at times and crying at others. The level of emotions this characters experience together as well as alone is very enthralling. A well blend of angst that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading.

As far as this group of misfits goes … I don’t think I could possible love these characters more than I already do after finishing this book. Simon and Viv have such a precious and yet precarious relationship that the time they spent together in Siberia caused a connective bond to form between them that was rather unexpected but very helpful when it comes to some of the more difficult situations they find themselves caught in. And of course we can’t forget the wickedly delectable Brig who just oozes sexual finesse whenever he walks into a room. His relationship with Viv is on the edge of exposure to the rest of the pack because Brig is so protective of her that he is causing scenes that he doesn’t realize he’s bringing attention to because of his problems with trusting Simon. But out of all of them the one character that surprised me to most and caused me to change my feelings regarding his nature was … Iov. So much happens to him that my heart broke and his hurt made me want to give him the hug he so desperately needed.

Final Thought …

In the end, the four pull together with the help of the other trusting pipers to overcome such disastrous and devastating events that leave special lives loss and many on the precipice of shock and surprise.

I personally can’t wait for the next installment to be available so I can catch up with this group once again. Although at this present time the details of that are inconclusive but I for one sure hope it’s not too long of a wait period.

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