What I think makes a strong character

If you read my last post from Jeff Gerke – “How to write a character from start to finish” – well, I’d be really surprised, because to be honest, I didn’t even read it.  I will, eventually, but one thing kept standing out in my mind.  How do you make a strong character?


You either make the reader love or hate him, then…


You kill them.


That’s always worked for me, at least.  I write in the supernatural genre, so no one ever really stays dead.  However, the build up is always the best part, and a wondrously outrageous death.

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  1. Tawnya
    Apr 24, 2013

    Well.. I read the article and bookmarked it to go read it again (and more of his things) To me a strong character is one with realistic motivations, a more than healthy dose of problems / angst / misery and clear goals.. which may not be clear to the character but to anyone reading it they are.

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