Chapter 1

“So I can?”

“Yes ma’m.”


“Yes, ma’am. This plane is private property.”

“So I could do a line of coke off your ass and…?”

“That would be fine, if that’s what you prefer, ma’am.”

Nodding, Vivienne Sena put her custom rolled blunt in her mouth and lit it with her white gold lighter as she watched the steward return to the galley with a smile. Inhaling deeply, she rolled the thin cigarillo sized joint between her index and middle finger of her right hand, leaning back in the leather chair of the Bombardier Global Express made by Bombardier Aerospace. Admittedly this was her first time flying the top of line aircrafts only the Elders used, and doing illegal drugs (in some countries) was frowned upon. Imagine Viv’s glee as the handsome steward explained to her that she could do whatever drug she pleased, and in his delicious company, without Interpol demanding they touch down immediately.

She was tempted to start a private rave, if only to see the steward’s ass.

Locating an ashtray, she set her blunt down and stood to reach an overhead compartment for her leather messenger bag. Again the steward immediately came out of the galley to assist her, touching her hands with his as he pulled her bag out and handed it to her. It would take a full day to reach their destination, the eastern seaboard of the United States, and Viv was so looking forward to it.

With a polite nod, the steward exited again. Viv giggled happily to herself as she sat back down and opened her bag, pulling out her laptop, iphone4, and chargers. Running her hands over the laptop, she opened it and it automatically powered on, waiting for her eye scan. A small LCD window turned bright blue as she leaned down and looked directly into it. It took a full ten seconds before the laptop continued to the desktop screen, waiting anxiously for her orders.

“First things first,” she mumbled to herself as she opened the files from her father.

Immediately several windows opened revealing information on the current Nachton Pipers; including their LT Lothias Jameson, CO Commander Brian “Brig” Jameson, and the adoptive brother she never knew, Iov Hammerthynn, current Beta of the Nachton, head by THE Alpha, Aidan Xephier. This was home base for the pack, but not for the Hammerthynn and Jameson Elders. Their home was located near the now dead predecessor Liam Xephier in Canberra, Australia.

Viv noted that present higher leadership in Nachton was the Old Alpha’s widow, Lily Xephier.

Vigo’s deep voice rumbled in her memory as he pulled her into his underground den. “You’ll be going to discuss the Commander’s notification of a prior relationship between my son and the widow, resulting in fathering the Alpha, Aidan Xephier.”

Viv’s reaction was confused. “Iov is the Alpha’s father, not Liam?”

“Undoubtedly it was during Liam’s many trips over a ten year period – he left my son to watch over his wife.”

Viv was cautious not to react and say the obvious.

“Any means possible, Vivienne. Fix it.”

And that’s what she did. Vivienne fixed things. She was a “fixer”. What that entailed would be up to her discretion, with carte blanche from the family Elders.