Chapter 10

Viv laughed to herself as the nervous man from the elevator moved quickly by her, running into a scientist on his way out.  It was funny, that was until the scientist called him by the wrong name.  So ok, what were the odds that there were two Huntingtons?  It was a European name, it was plausible.  At least it was plausible until the man broke out into a run.

“Wait a minute, hey!”  Viv pointed at the man and said to the scientist, “Who was that?”

The woman pointed over her shoulder, confused.  “That was Simon Huntington.”

“Aw god damn it,” Viv said, moving quickly through the lab, after the man.  Simon?  SIMON!

What, what?!  Viv what’s wrong? His voice was startled, but she still not feel him nearby.  Listen, I wanted to apologize about earlier….

Shut up a second.  Where are you?

I’m on my way back to DI.

You need to get here fast.

Why, are you ok?

I’m fine, but there’s some guy that just ran out of the experimental labs here who is saying he’s you.


Viv ran after the dark haired man, turning a corner as quickly as she could without losing her balance.  There he was, standing in front of the elevators, jamming his finger on the button when he saw Viv down the hallway.  Turning, he ran further down, toward the emergency stairs.

“God damnit, not the stairs!  I’m pregnant here!”

Simon he’s coming up the stairs from sub level 4.  Where are you?

Are you near him?

About ten seconds and seven gestational months behind him.

Simon chuckled in her head.  Almost there.

“JT!  PIPER!” she yelled out and JT came running, meeting her at the T junction that led to the stairs.  “Come on, come on!” she yelled as she pushed open the stairs and looked up.  The man was at least three floors up already.  What the hell?

“Stop him!” she yelled to JT who took off running up the stairs, triple timing the steps.