Viv and Brig – Just this once.

A moment in time from early on in their relationship.  Still when they had to hide their love, except from each other.


Brig ran his hand up a decidedly soft, brown skinned leg and hummed happily.


“You sound like a car engine doing that.”


“Shhh,” he said as he touched Vivienne’s thigh, reaching around to the back of it, feeling the swell of her buttocks.  Her soft giggle moved her entire body as he lay on his left side, facing her in her bed.  His head was propped up on his left hand, its elbow nestled deeply in one of her many soft pillows.


“Your nose looks all better now,” she said referring to the sparring she had with Brig earlier, which resulted in a broken nose, as well as spirit.


“Shhhh,” he said again softly, making her laugh again as he watched his right hand pushed the hem of her short nightgown up and pinched her where the front of her leg connected with all the best parts of her.


“Stop, stopstopstopstopstop,” Vivienne squealed as he tickled her.  A huge smile crossed his face as he finally looked up at her.  “I hate that, stop,” she said.


“No, you don’t,” he said looked at her beautiful face.  Her scent engulfed him, the sweet flowery notes mixing in with his musky sandalwood ones.  Vivienne was curled up next to him, her left leg thrown over his hip and her long brown hair flowing over her pillow.  Against the white sheets her hair was so dark and Brig could barely see the lighter, chocolaty brown highlights.  Her hair smelled clean and her skin fresh; neither one was sporting any of the bruises from their fight several days earlier.  The sparring fiasco seemed so long ago already.


Brig had talked to the Pipers briefly after their meeting in Vivienne’s apartment and dismissed them for the weekend.  Most of them disappeared off the property into the city to do whatever they wanted; LT was off to Carol’s, Marthinus would probably spend some time with his own son at Duibne Industries, and the rest had plans to drink themselves stupid, no doubt.


“So, I was wondering something,” he said, dropping his eyes back down to his hand as it travelled along the curve of her hip.  Vivienne hummed an acknowledgement as she scooted closer to nuzzle against his cheek with her nose.  “How is it you have an American accent?  You’re from Australia.”


“Probably the same reason you have one and not a South African accent.”


Nodding slowly, he considered his forgotten accent with its soft twangs.  It was easier to fit into whatever society you were currently in by adopting the local dialect and accent.  Having lived in South Africa for decades, his accent had been thick like the locals, and within the first month of living in the city, he and his Pipers had managed to drop their African accents and develop their eastern US seaboard ones.  When in Rome, so to speak.


Grabbing the swell of her hip, he stopped moving his hand in hopes of quelling down his increasing desire.  “Let me hear your Australian accent,” he prodded, smiling at her nuzzling.


“Uh,” now she didn’t know what to say.  Rolling over and away from him, she looked at her night stand and grabbed her recent book.  Actually, not at all recent – it was her “13 Crimes of Science Fiction”.  Lying on her back, Viv held the book above her face, reading from a favorite chapter.


“It was like wrestling a dolphin one-handed.  I hung on anyway, looking for a flaw in my reasoning.  Peterfi’s free leg seemed broken in at least two places…I was about to let go when something must have jarred together in my head.

“Faces of charred bone grinned derisively at me.”

Her voice grew excited, following the books climax, “Brain to hand:  HANG ON!  Don’t you understand?  He’s trying to reach the flashlight!”


Her accent had the curvy flow similar to the Alpha who still had his.  Her I’s became OI’s and R’s exaggerated; smiling, she laid the book down on her chest and looked up at Brig who was chuckling.


“That is pretty thick,” he said.


“I know, right?” she answered still in her Aussie tongue.  “Ek kan nie praat Afrikaans as goed.” (I can speak Afrikaans as well.)


Brig raised his eyebrows.  “En Afrikaans? Vlot?”  (And Afrikaans?  Fluently?)


“Ya dink? Ek was daar nadat jy Pipers links.”  (Ya think?  I was there after you Pipers left.)


He gave her an impressed look, to which she smiled and set her book back on the nightstand.  Turning toward him, she hooked her leg over his hip.


“How many other languages can you speak?” Brig asked.


“Eh, right now?  Just a couple.  It’s easy to pick them up when I’m in the country, hearing it every day, but after that it fades.”


“How can you do that?”


“Observational learning.”


Pointing at Vivienne, he realized how she managed to avoid his two hardest hits that day; his power angle kick with his left leg and then his elbow strike.


“So you can learn by watching and still apply it adaptively? No fair.”


“You may bask in my awesomeness now,” Viv said grinning.


Brig let his smile fade as he looked down at her. “I’m going to kiss you now, all right?”


“No,” she said reaching up and covering his mouth.


He leaned forward anyway, pressing his lips against her hand, pushing it against her lips. Grabbing her hand, he pulled back a bit and entwined his fingers with hers. “Why can’t I kiss you?”


“Because if you kiss me, we’ll end up doing…more…stuff,” Vivienne’s voice purred softly, grinning at him like a Cheshire cat.


“And this is bad…why?”


He memorized every curve of her face, the pout of her lips, and the flutter of her eyelashes.  Her cheeks blushed as they talked about their love making, and truth be told, he was breathless just thinking of it.  It was all he could think about throughout the day, taking all his concentration to avoid letting a glance at her turning into a long stare.  Lying in her bed with her, he could not think of anything else but touching every part of her soft, brown body; from the swell of her breasts to the weapon calluses on her hands that she never talked about.  He kissed the inside of her palm just then and watched her eyes flutter closed.


Everything about her was almost magical and he was absolutely positive he had never felt this way for any woman in his long life.


“I thought we said we were going to watch a movie, proving that our pheromones don’t have a strangle hold on our libidos.”


Brig blew a soft raspberry and nuzzled her cheek with his nose.


“Aren’t you having fun?”  Vivienne asked in a more serious tone than she had meant.  They had made love every single night since he first came to her room via the window, and not that she minded any of it, she thought maybe they were forsaken some of the important parts for the frantic and absolutely incredible monkey sex.


“Viv,” he said laughing a little.  “You know I love you.”


“Are you pillow-talking me?” Viv snorted, though she still saw the sincerity in his eyes.


Brig had come into her apartment and found her standing next to the mantle watching him.  Usually she was already in bed, either naked or just about, ready and willing for him when he curled up next to her with his warm, naked body.  This time she was standing still fully dressed, her hands on the mantle and her chin propped on top of them.  She was still tingly from his quick kiss on his way out her door earlier, despite the Pipers being just a stone’s throw away, and smiled at him as he stepped up to her, kissing her softly.  They talked and decided they’d watch a movie in bed to prove that they weren’t slaves to their sex drives, which of course they were, although they had to try.


“I’d prove it by kissing you, but you won’t let me.”  His breath was hot and his voice low, resonating deep within her.


Viv closed one eye and narrowed the other.  “All right,” she said slowly, “no tongue.”


“Wow,” he said smiling, his blue eyes wide in shock.


“I know, I spoil you.”


She met his lips halfway, not that he was even that far, and before they could even start kissing, they both started to laugh.  Snickering, she tucked her face into his neck and she bit his hot skin.


“Ok, ok,” he said pulling back and hovering over her lips.


“No tongue,” she warned.


“All right, I’m holding you to that,” he said grinning.


Softly Brig kissed her and Viv could feel every line of his soft lips.  His face was clean shaven, just for her, and he smelled like Dial soap, making her laughing softly.


“No laughing,” he said against her lips.


“Ok,” she replied, doing a horrible job holding back a snorting laugh.



Their kiss was chaste and sweet.  He let his lips brush hers, forcing himself to hold back his tongue, even though he wanted to tease her lips with it.  Being so close to her made him ache for her even more.


“Ok this isn’t working,” he said pulling back.  “It’s only making it worse.”


Viv pouted, pushing her lips to the side.  “Yeah, me too,” she laughed.


Brig disengaged his fingers and pressed the palm of her hand against hers.  Her calluses were in the same places as his having gotten them from shooting weapons all his life.  If he couldn’t ravage her body, he’d at least learn more about her.


“Do you feel that?” he said, rubbing his callus against hers.


“Matching calluses.  That’s…kinda weird,” she snorted.


“Tell me about you, Viv.  I want to know.”


“Know what,” she said with a wistful sigh.


“Know everything.  Tell me about your calluses; about growing up with Vigo, about what you remember of Hammer, my father…tell me everything.”


“Why do you want to know?  Isn’t knowing me now enough?”


Brig’s forehead furrowed at her question.  With every question came another deflective answer and another wall.  He laced his fingers with hers and brought it up to his lips, kissing her hand softly.


“I want to know because I love you.”  Every time he told her he loved her, Viv would smile shyly and turn her face into the pillow, murmuring her love for him.  “I want to know everything about you.  Not just where you like my hands or how our scents drive us crazy.  I know you love science fiction and that you write fiction, but refuse to show anyone.”


“Oh my god, did you look?” she squealed, shoving him.


“Well, yes…it was good.  I liked it.  I don’t want to have to sneak around your apartment and find out that you like tootsie rolls and shove the wrappers in your pockets, and then forget to take them out.  Or that you have two copies of the movie Clue for some weird reason.  I want you to tell me what you love doing; what makes you happy or sad; that you like boats, but not the sea.”


“You made that last one up.”


He gave her an admonishing look for trying to change the subject.  “Come on, Viv.  Open up.  Just this once.”



Vivienne lightly scratched at Brig’s chest with her nails as she considered his plea.


“I love that fact that you want to know more about me.  But you going through my stuff…not so much.”  Viv looked up at him and he nodded, rolling his eyes.  Smiling, she rolled over onto her back and looked up at the ceiling.


“Honestly…I don’t think about before Vigo found me.  I just…don’t.  Do I miss my family?  I miss my mother.  My father is more of a blur.  He’s more of a feeling, almost like a scent of a memory.”  Her eyes unfocused, trying to recall their faces.  “I think I looked more like my mother.  Yeah.”


Her mother’s face was a faint memory. Closing her eyes, Viv tried to remember her mother’s tanned olive skin and brown eyes.  The sun on her face and the sound of her voice drifted in between the lines of her memory.


“Nina.  She used to call me Nina.”  The recollection hurt suddenly, her eyebrows furrowed and she felt the pain in her chest.  “Vigo was different, but he was probably more of a father to me than my real one ever was.  I saw how vicious he could be with his sons.  With me, he was different.  I could see that in the way he looked at me.  Hammer’s mother was already dead by the time I met them, but he loved her.  I never saw him talk about her to anyone, and rarely he did with me,” Viv looked at Brig and asked, “she was your aunt, right?”


Brig nodded, listening intently.  “Arranged marriage for the most part.”


Viv shook her head, looking back at the ceiling, “No, not to them, definitely not for Vigo.  He loved her, more than anything.  Guess that’s why he never remarried and fathered any other sons.  Hammer means more to Vigo than I think Hammer realizes.  I’d bet money that she taught him how to really love someone.  But I never saw Hammer growing up.  Besides my silver test, he was there for that.  I don’t think he knows that.  He came into my room to see me right after it happened.”  Laughing softly, Viv remembered the painful memory, “I heard him come in and pretended I was still sleeping.”


She took a deep breath, staring at the ceiling trying to remember the sound of Hammer’s breathing that day.  Another memory that was succumbing to time, she moved onto something else.  Shrugging, she talked a little about her travels, the countries she had been to, some of the skills she picked up along the way.


“I learned to tango about twenty years ago.”  She looked at Brig and touched his face.  “You have no idea how turned on I was that you knew how to tango.”


The look of deep concentration on his face smoothed, smiling into her hand.  “You may bask in my awesomeness,” he said, making her laugh.


“I like…the water, actually.  Candy corn, tootsie rolls, but you know that.”


Brig grinned sheepishly and nodded.


“I like to run, especially in wolf form.  That’s just…glorious.”


“Me, too,” Brig said his blue eyes wide in sparked interest.  “It’s like being reborn.”


“We should go running soon.  Before the full moon.  You know, instead of fighting.”  They laughed together at that memory.  “I don’t know…that enough for now?”


He made a face, rolling his eyes up and then narrowed his eyes at her.  “That is sufficient for now, I suppose.”


Viv blew a soft raspberry, turning back to nuzzle against his neck.


“We’ve got plenty of time to get to know each other, right?”  Brig didn’t look at her; he just held his breath and waited.  He had no idea how much time they really had together, he could only say for himself that he would be there as long as she wanted him to be.


“Well I am here for at least a couple more months.  I finish up the interviews here in the next month or so and then prep for the incoming two.”


Brig looked at her, “So you’re not recommending against it?”


“This is not proper pillow talk, Commander.”


“Pfft,” he said, narrowing his eyes at her, making her smile.  “Come to my office tomorrow and we’ll talk about it.”  He emphasized “talk”, winking at her.


“Sounds like a sexual bribe to me, sir.”


“Only sounds like it?  Thought I was pretty clear.”  Brig grinned at her, watching the blush on her cheeks as she half turned into the pillow and snickered softly.  Her dimples appeared, like deep little pockets in her cheeks.  “Huh,” he said.




“You have dimples.”


“I like how you immediately noticed all these things about me.  Means so much.”


“You distract me,” he said, leaning in and brushing his lips against hers.  Biting her chin softly, they nuzzled silently, enjoying each other’s warmth.


“And when you’re done doing your job?”  Brig pulled back, watching her expression as he looked at her expectantly.  “Will you leave…the city?”  He almost said “leave me”, then chickened out, not wanting to push for something she may not see the way he did.  If she left, he knew in his heart he’d follow.


How could she tell him that she didn’t think it was physically possible for her to leave his side without sounding like a girl? Viv considered her dilemma as she watched the expectant expression on his face deepen into just a hair away from being frantic.


“Most women would answer that question with another question. So irritating to me. I like to think that I pretty much say exactly what I mean, and mean what I say.”


“You haven’t actually said anything,” he said raising his eyebrows.


“Do you want me to stay?” Viv snorted, especially when he gave her an annoyed face and pinched her in her ticklish spot again. “Stop! Stopstopstopstopstop!” she squealed again, laughing uncontrollably.


Her face sobered to a faint grin as she looked at his lips, touching them with her fingertips. “I don’t know. I like it here. I’ve never had any Alpha, much less the pack’s Alpha be so welcoming of me. Vigo has me moving around quite a bit, but I always end up back in Canberra near the families.”  Never with them, she thought silently.


“So your place is with Vigo then?” Brig asked, pulling Viv’s hand away from his face and touched her knuckles, caressing them gently.


It’s where I’m…useful. He’s my father.”


Viv felt the pain in her chest grow exponentially. She wasn’t exactly sure what Brig wanted her to say or what he wanted to be to her. Her heart told her the look on his face was more than just disappointment; it was close to, if not directly related, heart break. That was the last thing she wanted to do to him, but Vigo had been central in her life, always, with some sort of unspoken oath to stay by his side to repay for what he had done for her, ignoring what he had done to her. She had no bitterness toward Vigo, and her place with him had always been so clear – privately his daughter, publicly the illegitimate stain.


Meh, it was a living.


Brig continued looking at her fingers, “What am I then? To you?”


Viv took her fingers back and lifted Brig’s chin, making him look at her. His eyes were the purest blue with a kaleidoscope of steel radiating from the core. When he looked at her, Viv felt a million feet tall and a thousand times more beautiful. They were the beginning and the end, and in her heart, Viv knew that there would be no other man who could look at her like he did and make her feel the way he could.


“I read once, that a margarita without the salt is like a day without the sun.”


Brig’s eyebrows furrowed. “Are you calling me a margarita?”


Viv pulled him close, hugging him as they laughed hard into each others necks. Brig’s breath was hot against her skin and his laughter infectious. “No, you goober,” she snorted and pulled back to look at him. “I’m saying I’d only ever leave the city if you came with me.” With her hand on his cheek, she stroked his lips with her thumb.


“I belong to you, for as long as you want me…and probably a little while after that.”


Brig leaned in and kissed her, this time deeply and with much passion. She ignored the fact that they were both scared out of their minds about telling Hammer they were together. The Alpha didn’t seem treat her any different than any other pack member, considering she was reviewing Brig’s position and team, it did look grossly inappropriate. She also did not know what Vigo would say about her staying in the city and taking up with the Commander of his Pipers, much less what Duncan, the Elder Jameson and Brig’s father, would say about his oldest son being with Vigo’s pet Outcast.


Viv tried not to think about these things. She just concentrated on having someone in her life that loved her despite what she was, and that she could not stop kissing.

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