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Ellis originally created back in 2005 as ‘XMen’ characters in a Mafia game played on www.TheAngryCrayon.com while driving in Alaska with my husband and daughter.

I was just thinking out loud, discussing the mutant powers my person would have:   super agility, strength, and hyper-senses brought on by blood lust.   Sounded super-hero (or villain) to me, but my husband objected.

“Nope,” Mr. comic book aficionado declared, “that’s not a mutant power.”

Huh, no I guess it wasn’t.   However, in the spring of 2005, a second forum was created; a sister site to The Angry Crayon.   Hence Sanguine Affliction was born.

Creators of Sanguine Affliction:

Eve | Geeii | Maelarya | Mai | Rasberry | Ryala | Verileah | Vulash (Usernames from The Angry Crayon.com – I honestly don’t know everyone’s real name =x )

Ellis – was created as an ancient leading the third, and officially ‘unrecognized’, vampire clan, Tacharan.

Simon – was created as her polar opposite, and worshiping lover, walking the thin line between adoration and hate. After they were created, and the storyline of ‘The Beast’ evolved, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the voices in my head started vying for a position in the front of the line, so to speak.

Carol – The human executive assistant who sees in Simon the man he was meant to become, but unfortunately does not have him in her future.

Kyle – The Reporter and conspiracy theorist who had an incredible knack for being in the wrong place at the right time.

Marthinus – Simon’s great grandson and CEO of Duibne Industries, Tacharan’s human corporate front.  Now a werewolf.

Yuu – The young Assistant District Attorney who’s predecessor was assassinated under mysterious circumstances.

Then in October 2006, SA saw its first expansion with the creation of the Werewolves. The unknown, but long standing enemy of the vampires.

Hammerthynn – Originally created as a Shaman in the MMO game Everquest, Hammer evolved into the Beta of the werewolf pack, Kadzait. He has one eye and an extreme prejudice against Ellis and Simon.

Brig – Hammer’s blood cousin and Commander of the Pipers.  He shares the same blood memory as Hammerthynn against Ellis and Simon.

LT – Brig’s nephew, Hammer’s 2nd cousin, and second in command of the Pipers.  He is also deeply in love with Carol, and vice versa.

Vivienne – Vyusher R’asa wolf living within Hammerthynn’s pack, raised by his father, Vigo Hammerthynn.

SA.com has been open since June of 2005 and the story just keeps evolving and expanding to the point of creating this site.   Personally, I can’t read vampire novels.  They annoy me – all the overt sex (not that there’s anything wrong with it!) with very little plot or character development.

This is not a story about vampires versus the werewolves with some humans thrown in the mix.  Far from it.   I’d like to call it a complicated series of ridiculously violent events centering around Ellis and the other characters, with the usual required suspension of reality.  It’s the result of one woman’s havoc with lots of shit blowing up.   So uh, yeah…take it for what it is and enjoy it.

I’m Roz.  I wrote this.

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