Carol Hedley

Basic Information

Birth Name: Carol Hedley
Aliases: Iron Maiden
Place of Birth: Nachton City
Age:(real and apparent) 24
Male/Female: Female
Current Occupation: Executive Secretary and Familiar for Clan Tacharan
Past Occupation: (If different from above) Law Intern


Hair Color: Honey dew blond with a little red
Length and Style: Long, straight. Long bangs. Baby soft
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Wholesomely tanned
Height: 5’5
Weight: 115
Nationality: Anglo Saxen
Race: (I.E. Vampire, human etc.) Human Familiar
Body Type: Petite

Personal Questions

  1. Describe your character’s personality – Carol is organized and anal retentive. Prone to odd musings and unnecessarily long expositions. Fiercely loyal and does not tolerate stupidity in any clan member. Extremely professional, courteous and useful.
  2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.) Carol wears thin summer dresses and looks like a college student in a sorority. Often wearing bright colors that compliment her skin and blue eyes. Manicured nails and hair is always in place.
  3. What does your character like? She is also more bi-curious than just bisexual. She enjoys club dancing, bar fights and the order that being in the clan brings her.
  4. Dislike? Any type of disorder sends her off into a rage. Very Type A personality, although she thinks that’s a good thing. She takes her position within the clan seriously and anyone betraying it automatically goes on her ‘will kill with a spoon’ list.
  5. Describe what abilities you see your character having if they were turned.
    • Blood lust
    • Agility
    • Subterfuge
  6. What are your fears? Losing control, an unorganized desk and misplacing her palm pilot.
  7. What is your character’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • Strengths:
    • Tactical command and response
    • Computers and programming
    • Organizational skills
    • Tactical Support
    • Espionage
    • Nothing to lose.
    • Weakness:
    • obsessive compulsive
    • Bad Temper
    • Borderline psychotic

Hobbies & Skills

  • Computers
  • Law
  • Hand to hand combat
  • Archery
  • Long range rifle training

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention

  • Obsessive compulsive behavior. Everyone in its place.

Personal History

‘Upon entering law school, I had no idea vampires existed. I mean, well my favorite movies are Blade and Clue…no wait, Clue is a mystery, anyway, I didn’t know. I actually met Ellis through Marthinus. I was interning in his law division at Duibne Industries. She was in his office when I interviewed and received the job.’

(3 years prior)

Carol sat in the lobby of Duibne Industries and did not move a muscle. There were other applicants from her law school who were fidgeting and talking to themselves. Carol was straight as an arrow and incredibly smart. Because of this, she didn’t mix well with the other law students. She didn’t care, this internship was her ticket to bigger and brighter things in her future.

She wore a pale purple suit that was perfectly tailored. She hated those designer knock offs with no liner and horrible creases. Carol wore the best, had the best education and didn’t squander her money. Granted it was her family money but just the same, she was smart about it. The secretary behind the desk had very unprofessional marks on her necks.

‘Hickies,’ Carol thought to herself. ‘Tacky.’ The least she could’ve done was wear her hair down or a thin turtleneck. The secretary looked up at her just then and said her name.

‘Carol Hedley.’ A statement, not a question. ‘Mr. Steyn will see you now.’ The secretary stood and walked to a hallway leading to the right. Carol stood and followed.

They walked down a long hallway, away from the vibrantly bright open windows of the building lobby. They entered an elevator and the secretary proceeded to press the top button. Carol took a step back and watched the other woman. She was taller than Carol, dark hair up in a bun, white blouse opened a little too much for Carol’s professional taste and a skirt that slid up the thigh. Her whole demeanor seemed odd to Carol. She looked at the woman’s legs.

‘Nice legs,’ she thought and then looked up to see the woman staring at her. Carol averted her eyes.

The elevator door opened and the secretary stepped out but went no further. There were no windows on this level so it was dimly lit. The walls were hardwood and empty. At the end of the long hallway was a double door with gold fittings.

The secretary pointed down the hallway wordlessly.

Carol nodded and walked off, feeling the secretary’s eyes on her till she reached the doors. Carol did not look back until she heard the woosh of the elevator closing. She knocked first and then entered.

Marthinus T. Steyn was standing behind his desk with his hands behind his back. He was average height, around 5’6 and bald. He was a handsome man and spoke with a slight accent. Carol guessed south african by the inflection. He wore an expensive silk blue suit and a soft taupe tie.

The office was enornmous and did not have one single window. The room was dark, much like the hallway. Carol took a step forward and she heard the door behind her click. Turning she was surprised to see another person in the room. This person had black hair and watery green eyes. Carol smiled at the woman and she returned it with a closed mouth smirk.

‘Miss Hedley?’

Carol turned and faced Marthinus Steyn. ‘Yes sir.’

‘Do you mind working nights?’

Curious question, ‘No sir, I’m a bit of a night owl. That wouldnt be a problem.’

‘Well then,’ said the woman behind her. Carol turned again to see the woman leaning up against the door. ‘Welcome to Duibne Industries.’


‘So, easy as pie, I was brought into the Tacharan fold. They did these psychological tests that, at the time I thought were just for demographics but turns out I had several qualities they were interested in. Lack of remorse being one of them. I’m fairly indifferent to most things except for lack of order. That really bugs the shit out of me. But after I started in Duibne I took over that secretary’s place, then advanced to Mr. Steyn’s personal secretary and then into the Domicile as Ellis’ assistant and familiar. Well there are lots of stories in between then and now but half the fun is getting to know me.’

Carol smiled prettily.