Iov Hammerthynn

Basic Information

Birth Name: Iov Hammerthynn
Aliases: Hammer
Place of Birth: Russia
Age:(real and apparent) 103 real – 57 apparent
Male/Female: Male
Current Occupation: Professor of Physics, XO of Stafford Enterprises
Past Occupation: Bodyguard, Alpha Protector


Hair Color: Blondish red but going white
Length and Style: flat top style, unruly tufts of hair. close shaven beard, thin line along the jawline and chin is covered.
Eye Color: Grey
Skin Color: slightly tanned
Height: 6’6
Weight: 240lbs
Nationality: Russian
Race:  Werewolf
Body Type: Muscular build, solid
Wolf Form: As in human form, missing left eye and is red with a greying muzzle, underbelly and much to his dislike, greying inside his ears.

Description (if an NPC) or name of your creator(if a PC) ( Please be as specific as possible, who your creator/gifter was, why he chose to change you, where is he/she now?):

The Hammerthynn clan has long since been protectors of the Kadzait Alphas. There are only males born in the family and with each son, their father cerimoniously tears out their left eye before the gift is given to them at the age of 12. Iov’s father Vigo, with little fan faire or comfort, did the deed as was done to his father, and his father’s father, reaching back dozens of generations.

Personal Questions

  1. Describe your character’s personality
    If asked, he’d say he didn’t have one. That being said – Hammerthynn is the epitome of indifference with borderline agressive issues. Hammer isn’t the friendly sort unless you are family ie Kadzait or blood relative and even then his affection is questionable. He is emotionally detached and unresponsive to most stimuli – agressive or otherwise.
  2. Describe how your character would appear to a stranger (I.E. typical dress, way they carry themselves etc.)
    LL. Bean to a T. Casual wear would be linen trousers, barefoot and a button up shirt, but he is capable of dressing the executive part for his position within Stafford. Hammerthynn is almost always casually dressed.
  3. What does your character like?
    Not much, Hammery’s indifference for humans and social company spills over into things that make him happy. He enjoys his old books and reading quietly in his office, which has no furniture to invite guests, by the way.
  4. Dislike?
    Humans, young werewolves, vampires and being away from the only thing he probably ever loved. Hammer’s dislikes is measured by his indifference to it.
  5. What are your fears?
    • Being found out – there are things in his heart that no one must ever find out, particularly the one love of his life and the result of it.
    • Being touched – Hammerthynn is quite protective of his personal space and allows little to no intrusion on it. It takes a large amount of restraint to keep from hurting someone who invades it and he will take every opportunity to distance himself. Very few are granted access.
    • Failing his current assignment. Now in the United States along with the young new Alpha, among his main objections is to protect his ward and the pack’s honor. Anything befalling either would bring him to the brink of such a dark place that no Hammerthynn has dared fail.
  6. What is your character’s strengths and weaknesses?
    • Strengths
    • Physical prowess – Athletic, lithe and extremely strong, Hammerthynn is trained in hand to hand combat, rifles and street fighting.
    • Emotionally detached – Other than his strong sense of honor and duty, Hammerthynn does not let emotion cloud his judgement. He is remorseless.
    • Highly Educated – Hammerthynn has a doctorate in physics, has reasonably high computer intelligence and experience, and has mechanical expertise.
    • Weaknesses
    • Indifference – With his emotional detachment, Hammer’s indifference has caused the loss of many lives. He is not a hero, but he finishes the task at hand – whether diplomatically but mostly violently. His remorseless sense of duty has kept him at arm’s length with many of the other families within the pack making his detached nature all the more a hinderance.
    • Fear of flying – As with her personality, he will fly but not without extreme repulsion. Combined with a slight fear of heights, Hammerthynn firmly believes that if god wanted them to fly, they’d have wings.
    • Lily – Women are there for his physical needs and are true supporters of the pack, but when he is near this woman, the man he might’ve been comes to the surface and he’d risk anything for her, the mother of the new Alpha and wife of his closest friend.


  • Gestalt – 10
  • camouflage – 5
  • Hopper – 2
  • Sonic Detctor – 2


  • Fear of Flying – 5
  • Aloof – 2
  • Loner – 2
  • Defensive – 5
  • Closed off – 5

Hobbies & Skills

  • Diplomatic
  • hand to hand combat
  • long range rifle
  • knives
  • Doctorate in Physics

Cosmetic Traits

  • Missing his left eye from his gifting ritual at 12. A scar across the bridge of his nose and an inch from his bottom lip – the result of one helluva brawl the day he turned 11.

Quirks and Habits worthy of mention

  • Loves his electronic equipment and reading.

Personal History

Iov is the last son of the Hammerthynn family blood line. Born at the turn of the 20th century, he followed a long distinguished line of protectors for the werewolf pack Kadzait. It was not just his job, it was his path, a path he shared with unflinching honor, duty and dedication. He was to follow the Alpha to North America and set up residence in Nachton, USA. An eastern sea board metropolis that he knew to be the central hub of the last living vampire leaders.

He was resigned to leave his post in South Africa, but was forced to vacate earlier than planned. With the arrival of Marthinus Steyn, Hammerthynn was forced to leave the Kadzait home office and flee with the old man in tow. That, is another story.

At the age of 11, Hammerthynn became privy to information that would change his life forever. That resulted in a horrific fight with local boys who had called his family barbaric heathens. His father, Vigo, gave his son an uncharacteristically harsh look and hit him so hard that he split his son’s lip. Knocked back to the floor, Vigo grabbed his son and pulled him up to eye level. Hammer spent the better part of his young life idolizing his father, he would now spend the rest of his father’s life fearing him.

Vigo explained, in great detail, what their family was and their place in their society. Hammerthynns were protectors of their pack and in some generations, the Beta. Dazed and jolted, the boy listened as his father spoke of honor, duty and what they really were. That emotions weren’t meant to be shown, lest it be during an agression. That at his next birthday he will follow the same path his father walked and his father before him – that ALL Hammerthynn’s had walked. At age 12 Hammerthynn would be gifted and given his badge of honor.

That badge was his father ripping his left eye completely out of its socket and then receiving the gifting bite on his shoulder, just below his neck. The last scar he was ever to receive was a violent one. No preparation was made for him, no solemn father to son talk. Both acts were done literally within moments of each other, in the pack’s Den home and he was left, alone and bleeding, but even then he knew better than to cry. Hammerthynn picked himself up and stepped into his future role. Embracing his father’s attitude, Iov became a solitary boy but not lonely. He had his pack and that’s all he needed.

Vigo spent his entire adult life protecting the leader of their pack, now his Alpha – Maxim. So as Hammerthynn adjusted to his new life as the son of the Protector, the Beta’s heir, his destiny laid out in front of him as his father’s successor, he trained to become that role. In his late werewolf aged 40’s, Hammer did so and became the protector of Liam, son of Maxim.

The man that Hammerthynn might’ve been was then thwarted by the Alpha’s command to protect the mistress, Lily. Liam, albeit a strong leader had flaws and one of them was Lily. His jealousy seemingly ate him alive, much to Hammer’s dismay who had long since learned to keep his emotions hidden away. Hammerthynn was to watch the mistress and keep the others at bay but as time wore on, so did Lily’s strong willed personality on Iov’s black heart.

Hammer considered this as he listened to the flutter of helicopter blades. Rubbing the soft skin where his eye had been, he wondered what nachton would bring him, now that Lily had commanded him to follow her only son Xeph, with the one blue, one grey eye. The alpha by force, Hammer was simple in his pack loyalities, he would follow and protect the Alpha, period.