Chapter 1

“Where did you see him?”

Simon listened as one of his Mercs reported seeing Kyle while on detail with the District Attorney.  In a nondescript Motel 6 down by the bus station, Sullivan recounted the events leading up to Miss Yuukuka requesting a few minutes alone with the reporter.

“What did they talk about?”

“Mostly asking about you.  What happened to him, where he had been…those types of questions?  The tone changed toward the end.”

“How so?”

Sullivan shrugged uncomfortably.  “Became more intimate.  Not like before at the courthouse.”

Simon knew what Sullivan was referring to; they had both been there when Yuu punched Kyle in the face after Simon had bailed him out of jail for his arrest.  Intimate was not the word he’d use for any type of conversation between Yuu and Kyle, but then misery made strange bellows.

“You have a man on him?”

“He was in the wind by the time I got someone to the motel.  I had to escort Miss Yuukuka home, but by the smell of it, I didn’t think Evans could manage walking.  Packed up and was gone.”

Rolling his eyes, Evans nodded and dismissed Sullivan.  Evans was staying one step of them, how though was the question.  The reporter did not seem clever enough to elude men trained for these types of searches.  Either he was getting help or Kyle wasn’t as stupid as Simon thought.