Chapter 11

JT put his hands out and gently moved Vivienne out of his way as he launched himself at the stairs, almost to the top of the first landing.  Surprised he was even able to do that, he nearly lost his balance and hit the wall as he turned on the ball of his leading foot and triple timed it up the next flight to sub level 3.

“The dark haired guy, JT!”

Pumping his thighs, he ran up the steps, pulling on the railing to spin around the corner when he took a moment to lean over the railing and look up.  The guy was already almost up to the ground floor, making JT frown with confusion.  Whoever it was, they were not human.  Checking his watch, he noted the time – late afternoon.  If it was a vampire, JT wasn’t sure he’d be able to survive being outside in the fading light.  Either way, he pushed his strength, his wolf scratching just beneath the surface of his skin, catching up to the man.

Touching his wireless ear piece, he called out to LT and any Pipers nearby.  “Piper Paulson to home base.  In pursuit.  Unknown male with black hair and a dark blue suit.  Coming up to ground level in the North Tower sub level stairwell.”

“Blue eyes, JT.  Six foot, maybe a buck and a half wet,” Vivienne called out to him from two floors below him.

“Blue eyes, six feet, 150lbs approximately.”

JT heard a door slam and JT pushed the rest of the way, maybe four seconds behind him.  Rushing the door, he pulled it open and ran out into the lobby.