Chapter 14

By the time JT made it back to Duibne Industries, the fire trucks had come and Huntington was already there, talking to the Fire Marshal.  The Commander found him immediately and stepped up to him, Vivienne at his side.

“Status?” The Co asked quietly.  The LT was already hovering nearby, keeping an eye out, moving constantly.

“Marked.  I grazed him with a bullet.  I should be able to pick up on him.  Who is he?”  JT and the CO looked at Vivienne.

By this time Huntington had approached them.  Vivienne made eye contact with Huntington and nodded.  “I was down in the Lab on Charlie’s floor with the doc.  He was in there, completely out of place, nervous as hell.  On his way out, someone called him Huntington, and then pulled a runner.  I asked the person just who that was.  She said ‘Simon Huntington’.  That’s when I gave chase and hollered for JT.  I got a hold of Simon,” she nodded toward him, “and he met us up on ground level.”

“I was already on my way back,” Huntington said.

“Still doesn’t tell us who he is,” the CO said tersely.  “This is your business, not ours.”




Brig pointed at Huntington, angry that his men had been pulled from their duty for something that only seemed to concern the vampire, despite Vivienne calling for help.  Looking at his mate, he smoothed his angry expression.

“Charlie is our only priority here.  I’ll not have my men pulled for any reason but yours or Charlie’s safety.”

Viv said nothing, but looked up at him with her brown eyes.  If she was angry, she wasn’t showing it.  She wasn’t showing anything.  He knew that was Vigo’s training on her – never betraying what she’s feeling, never letting your opponent know what you’re thinking.  But he wasn’t her opponent; he was her mate and the Piper’s Commander.

“That clear?” he said, maintaining his eye contact with Viv.

“Aye, sir,” Paulson said from his left.

Viv, however, remained silent until she flicked her eyes to Huntington and then to JT.  Brig raised his eyebrows, waiting for her response.