Chapter 2

Kyle rubbed his painfully full stomach as he swallowed the last bite of his chicken sandwich.  He debated on whether just stuffing his face with calories and packing on as much weight as possible was a good idea, so he tried to keep it healthy, but was still trying to consume massive amounts of calories.  His stomach felt like the size of a fajita pita pouch, but he crammed in an entire chicken sandwich on rye, a green salad, and an apple to boot.  Fighting the need to vomit was distracting as he crossed the busy street in front of Duibne Industries.

With a gray hoodie over his head and dark sunglasses, Kyle relied on pure talent in not getting caught by the cameras surrounding DI.  They had to be looking for harder for him now, especially with Yuu’s Merc more than likely reporting that they had come across Kyle.  If it weren’t necessary, he would not be risking going into DI and pushing his luck.  Reaching into his zip up hoodie’s pocket, he fingered the near empty bottle of Starburst.  He needed a refill, but he wasn’t altogether sure how he was going to manage it now.  He just needed to get to the elevators.

Kyle was now up to biweekly injections of Eternity and considering the potency of the drug, he knew he was skirting the edge of death by abusing it the way he had been.  Still, the massive amounts of Eternity he was taking offered more than just temporary euphoria and super human strength like he experienced after the Hillman raid.  So much more.

Opening the front doors of the North Tower, he walked immediately to the bathroom past the coffee cart and unzipped his jacket.  Pushing into the bathroom, he checked the stalls, finding them all empty.  Quickly he unzipped his jacket and tucked his sunglasses into his pocket.  Underneath the hoodie was his best suit and tie.  He had to look the part to get away with what he was about to do.  Adjusting the tie, he smoothed out the wrinkles and looked at his reflection quickly in the mirror before turning away and tucking his jacket underneath the counters, wedging it up by the pipes.  Quickly he walked out and did something he liked to call ‘pushing’.

Walking by the front desk, Kyle concentrated on the security guard who was looking up in his direction, about to call out to him for not signing.  Kyle concentrated on the spot in between the guard’s eyes and smiled.

The security guard lifted his hand and then stopped.  “Oh, I’m sorry, sir.  Go right ahead.”

Nodding, Simon exhaled the breath he didn’t realize he was holding and continued walking toward the elevators.  Standing with a group of people, he slipped his sunglasses back on and waited patiently for an elevator going down.  It took about five minutes, but a short woman was heading down and he slipped in with her.