Chapter 4

Kyle watched the brunette moved in the opposite direction.  Cute, he thought, and then turned left down the hallway, heading toward Nova’s lab.

Nova had been gone for months now, since right after Ellis attacked him.  Over a year now he thought to himself.  Obviously she was no longer his ‘girlfriend’ if that’s what she even was to him.  They shared something after the Hillman raid and the Mayor’s ball, but as time wore on, they drifted till one day she was gone.  Just…gone.  The first couple trips for refills on his Starburst, he asked about her, but no one in her lab had seen her either.  They just shoved his brown bottle toward him and went about their business; he figured continuing with her research.  Kyle let her go the best he could, which really wasn’t very well at all.

Walking into Nova’s lab, he was relieved to see the front end almost empty, save for the person nearest the door.  She had her back to him.  Kyle took a deep breath and concentrated on the back of her head.  He was never sure what muscle to even flex, but when she turned around and looked at him, he smiled at her curious blank face.

“I’m here for a refill for our friend.”  Kyle held up the empty bottle and shook it silently.  The lab tech looked at the bottle and her face creased in confusion.

Swallowing, Kyle concentrated on the face in his mind harder, paying particular attention to the details.  Finally the tech’s face smoothed over and smiled.

“Of course, sir.   Would you like me to get it?”

“No, I got it.  Carry on,” Kyle said and moved passed her, zig-zagging around the high tables in the lab, to the door at the back.