Chapter 5

Simon made his way out to the Motel 6 that Sullivan had seen Kyle at with Yuu.  Stepping out of his car, he looked around the parking lot with his dark sun glasses on, looking up into the sky, taking advantage of the inclement weather and dark clouds hovering overhead.  The afternoon was winding down, but he took no chance and walked quickly to the front lobby, his skin tingling from the sun rays seeping through the clouds.

Opening the glass doors, he walked directly to the counter.  A rather rotund gentleman stepped out from the apartment in the back and looked at Simon as he slipped off his sunglasses with a small smile.  Simon was about to open his mouth when the man came to the counter and began moving things around.

“Excuse me,” Simon said politely.

The man took a few moments more and then pushed a registration card on the counter with a key.  “Same as before?”

Simon looked at the man not understanding.   “Before?”

“Room 216.  Did you want that room again?”

Simon’s mouth opened and a confused noise eeking out of his mouth.  “When…was I here last?”

“You were just here, checked out yesterday.  Listen, do you want the room or not?”

“Me?”  He stood back and straightened his posture, pointing to his face.  “Me, exactly?”

The large man gave Simon a strange look, pulling the registration card and key back under the table.  “You on something, mister?  Your friend was here looking for you.  You need help or something?”

“Right,” Simon said, feigning an understanding that he most definitely did not feel.  “Could you describe him?  So I know who it was?”

The large man shrugged.  “Big.  Black.  Had a knife.”  He pointed to his face.  “He had bad acne scars.”

“Right, thanks.”  Simon turned to leave when his eyes went up to the corner of the room.  “Those work?” he asked, pointing to the item on the wall.

“Yeah, security purposes.”

Simon kept his eye on the wall cameras and smiled.  “Thanks.”