Chapter 6

Viv walked down the corridor to Charlie’s room, reaching out to her bond with Simon, trying to find him in the building.  Normally it was a tangible nothing, what with him holding back his feelings until literally face to face with Viv, but this time there was nothing at all.

She hadn’t spoken to him since the Mall and their rather abrupt discussion about Vivienne’s past jobs for her father.  It wasn’t that she was angry with Simon.  The subject of their talk moved to a territory that she did not speak about with anyone but her father and the old man had ingrained in her the need for their secrecy and she wasn’t about to break that vow.

The new Piper JT Paulson was standing outside Charlie’s door.  Leaning casually against the door frame, his eyes immediately connected with hers as she turned the corner.  JT was the picture of casualness as he looked over at Viv.  He was very good at his job.  She heard the soft click of a gun’s hammer being released and JT’s arm that was hidden from Viv’s line of sight tucked his gun back into the waistband of his jeans.  Pulling the back of his shirt back down, he turned and faced her with a smile.

“Ma’am,” he said gently as she approached.

JT lit up in her mind’s eye as a formidable opponent, already higher than the core of Pipers.  Considering how young of a werewolf he actually was, that said quite a bit for his physical prowess.  Former military experience gave him an edge against the rest of the Pipers that was for sure.  Plus he survived Glenveagh and that had been a massacre.  Black hair, brown eyes, and a smile that was relaxing as well as captivating, Viv looked forward to sparring with JT once the baby was born.

“Getting used to the view up there, JT?”  The young Piper had grown a good six inches since his gifting.  Kadzait males were tall by nature, but JT had grown to taller than most.  His wolf form was as large as the Beta’s.

Like the other Nachton Pipers, JT was polite and very sweet.  He rubbed the back of his head and gave her a sheepish grin.  “Yes, ma’am.  It’s still a little odd being so high up.”

“I can’t imagine,” she said smiling, touching his arm as she knocked once on the door and let herself in.

LT sat in the chair next to Charlie’s bed reading a book.  The door swung closed and LT looked up and smiled.

“What are you reading?”  He flashed the cover and grinned.  ’13 Crimes of Science Fiction’.  “Darn your uncle for jacking my books.”

“He said it was good.”

Viv made a face.  “I said it was good!”  LT grinned at her, holding the book against his chest.  “God you Jamesons.”   She rolled her eyes at him.  “And not even going to stand and give the pregnant lady your seat?  Manners, LT.  Manners.”

He twisted around and put the book down on the bed stand next to him.  Patting his thigh, he shrugged.  “Plenty of room.  Hop on.”

“See, that’s shameful.”  Viv felt herself blushing as she seriously considered it but then realized that the LT was almost her nephew.  The ‘ick’ factor kicked in and immediately erased her blush.  “I’m telling your uncle, young man.”

LT reached out and pulled her toward the chair as he got up from it.  Touching her protruding stomach softly, he sat her down in his seat.  “How’s is she?”

“Constantly hungry.”  Viv reached out and tenderly touched LT’s cheek as she sat down.  Looking down at the Sergeant, s he sighed wistfully.  “He just looks like he’s sleeping.”

“Actually, he is just sleeping.  The doc was just in and pulled the sodium thiopental at the start of my shift.”

“Really?  Where is Doctor Mallari?”  A soft knock at the door and JT leaned in, letting said doctor into the room.  Viv smiled politely at the doctor and held her hands up.  “So what’s up, doc?”