Chapter 7

Kyle moved toward the dispensary section of the lab, his eyes on the orange colored machine against the far left wall.  He walked past it as he headed toward the secured section in red down a small hallway.  This was where they kept the Starburst, free of labels and the normal pharmaceutical trappings.  Usually there was someone down at this section, ready to help with the dispensing, but it was free and clear of everyone.  His nervousness began to creep up his back.

“Who are you?”

Kyle turned at the voice and immediately flexed that invisible muscle at the person.  An older man with a clipboard stood and looked at him strangely.

“Sir?  You’re not authorized to be back here.”

Oh shit, Kyle thought.  Concentrated harder, he smiled at the man.  “Just here for a refill.”

“Who are you?”

Taking a deep breath, Kyle switched gears and tried another tactic.  “My name is…I’m here for Simon Huntington at his request.  He asked me to get a refill for his friend.”

The man blinked at him.

“You’re ok with that and you’re going to give me as much as you can dispense without alerting anyone.”

Please god, oh please, Kyle screamed in his head as he concentrated on the man’s face.  Taking a step back from the dispensing machine, he stared at the man.

“I’m ok with that,” the man said, “I can give you a three month supply without it being an issue.”

Instead of exhaling with great relief, Kyle held onto the thought.  Beads of sweat began to form on his lip as the man ever so slowly put his clip board down and went to the machine.  Three bottles were filled, one by one, and when the man was finished, turned and handed Kyle the bottles.

“There’s nothing else you can help me with,” Kyle said.  “Move along.”  He almost rolled his eyes, his words sounding suspiciously Star War-ish.

“There’s nothing else I can help you with.  Good day.”  The man turned and moved along.

Kyle waited for him to disappear into another door before he finally exhaled, almost throwing up from the combination of stress and relief.  He fell back against the machine and held his chest.  Tucking the bottles into his jacket pockets, he turned back toward the front of the lab with a quick pace.  At the very least, no one could fault him for his comedic timing.