Chapter 9

Kyle walked quickly down the hallway.  Zigzagging around the lab tables, he made it to the front of the lab just as the brunette and another scientist came in from the front.  Kyle immediately spun around and walked toward the back again.

“Shit, shit.”  Turning a corner, he pressed his back up against the wall and felt the sweat dripping down his face.

“Come on back, I want to get a magnified scan of the healing if that’s ok.”

“Won’t hurt the baby, right?  I’m just a little bit pregnant.”

“Oh, no.  Well, you know what, wait right here.  I’ll get a lead apron.”

“That sounds safe, yeah.”

The scientist entered the room and walked right past Kyle, further in the back.  Suddenly the woman’s heartbeat behind him started to beat loudly in his head.  Covering his ears, the double thump of her baby’s heartbeat beat twice as fast, drowning out every other sound.

“Fucking….fuck,” Kyle said loudly, unable to hear himself.  Lowering his hands, he took a deep breath and walked back around the corner, directly into the woman.

“Hi!” he squealed loudly.  The woman looked at him and stepped out of his way with a chuckle.  “Thanks!”

Kyle passed her and tried to nonchalantly stroll to the front of the lab, out the door, out of the North Tower, preferably running full speed down the street when the female scientist walked in front the outside corridor.

“Get everything you need, Mr. Huntington?”

“What?” the brunette said behind him.  “That’s not….”

“YesIdidthankyouverymuchI’llbeonmyway. ”  Kyle mumbled as he broke out into a run out the front doors.